Tiger Dublin Fringe – Riuchi at the Project Arts Centre

Riuchi and The Tale of the Ancient Lights September 16th – 20th 

Tiger Dublin Fringe - Riuchi at the Project Arts Centre

The Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival has been running since Sunday September 7th, is now into its second week and will end on Saturday September 20th so really there are only a matter of days before it shuts up shop for another year.

Riuchi Tiger Dublin FringeThere is always a wealth of talent to choose from at the Fringe Festival and I’ve featured it here on the blog since I started The Life of Stuff. You can read these posts here, here, here and here. I would love to be able to say that I go see a different performance every day or night and see most of the sold out shows but that’d be a lie because unfortunately although that would be fun, neither time nor my purse strings would allow it. This year I kicked my festival off in style with Harp, A River Cantata on September 7th …

Tiger Dublin Fringe - Riuchi at the Project Arts Centre

… Today however I took myself to the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar, Dublin 2 for the opening (not the preview) of Riuchi‘s award-winning The Tale of the Ancient Lights and if I don’t get to witness anything else in or from the festival this year, 2014, I will be happy in the knowledge that I got to witness this beautiful performance. Of course camera’s are a no no so the photo’s I’ve included are those I got hold of from Riuchi’s Manager … and they are gorgeous.

Tiger Dublin Fringe - Riuchi at the Project Arts Centre

Riuchi performs on his own, it’s a solo performance and he uses a mixture of dance, circus and magic to transport his audience into 40 minutes of escape from the hustle and bustle of city life into a world of darkness, brightness, lightness and colour. My interpretation of the performance is a story of an old man who is reminiscing on his magical life or transported back to his life of light … although I definitely think I saw a chicken in the performance too? The performance itself is beautiful and can be hypnotic. The use of modern LED technology and the music chosen really blew me away at certain times and I felt like I was watching the making of a favourite movie scene.

Tiger Dublin Fringe - Riuchi at the Project Arts Centre

The performance is the perfect lunch-time treat and starts at 1pm each day – which is great for those working in the city or those with some free time to spend artistically. It will cost you €12 or €11 if you have a concession. 

For more information on Riuchi, visit his website here www.riuchi.com

To book tickets visit www.fringefest.com or the Tiger Fringe Festival Box Office in Film Base, Curve St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

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