Bevvy of the Week – Black Rock Irish Stout

Dungarvan Brewing Company – Black Rock Irish Stout 

Dungarvan Brewing Company - Black Rock Irish Stout

This week’s Bevvy of the Week is Black Rock Irish Stout from the Dungarvan Brewing Company.

I love trying stouts, there is such a range of flavours in them that you never know what to expect. I don’t know why I haven’t tried Black Rock Stout before this but I’ve tried it now and I really enjoyed it.

The Dungarvan Brewing Company are producing some great bevvys and their stout doesn’t fall short.

You can really taste the roasted barley along with soft vanilla flavours. It’s dry, mouth filling, tasty and smooth. It’s a good well-rounded stout and very enjoyable.

Black Irish Stout comes in 500ml bottle, is 4.3%abv and will set you back around €3.50 per bottle.

Enjoy, Sláinte


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