Bevvy of the Week – O’Hara’s Double IPA

O’Hara’s Double IPA

Bevvy of the Week - O'Hara's Double IPA

It’s great to see a real success story on the Irish Craft Beer scene. There are so many available now which is great and the quality is superb, but one brand seems to shine the brightest and that’s O’Hara’s, from the Carlow Brewing Company.

They have a great range from Stout to Red Ale, IPA to Extra Stout and even an Irish Wheat Beer called Curim. Not happy with only these they pushed the boat out and produced O’Hara’s Double IPA.

I think you would have to be a lover of IPA’s to really enjoy this whopper but hey who isn’t. This is a rich, full on, full-bodied IPA. All the same flavours are there that are in their regular IPA they’re just bigger and bolder in this Double IPA.

If you are just having one or two beers then O’Hara’s Double IPA is perfect. Its sells for around €3.50 and is a healthy 7.5% abv.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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