3 Essential Safety Tips for Staying Safe At The Beach

Staying Safe At The Beach

It’s easy to think of the beach as the height of comfort and luxury. Warm, comfortable sand that can be rested on with ease, the beautiful sights and sounds of the ocean, the glow of warm weather, and the wanton enjoyment of ice cream and other indulgences can make for a great day out.

That said, it’s important to remember that the beach is also a favoured spot for many other people. For the most part, shade is lacking in the middle of a beach, putting you in direct view of the sunlight. The ocean itself is also relatively dangerous and can be unpredictable, so it’s important to respect it

Essential Safety Tips for Staying Safe At The Beach with The Life of Stuff

Now, we’re not going to suggest that chilling out on a warm comforting beach is as dangerous as surviving the Amazonian jungle, within which almost every natural force conspires against you. However, it’s certainly wise to be aware of a few possible issues that could affect your relaxing time.

In this article, we’ll identify three issues and discuss some possible ways to protect against them. And we’re sure with the advice given, you’re sure to stay safe at the beach and enjoy a wonderful time.

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3 Essential Safety Tips for Staying Safe At The Beach

Essential Safety Tips for Staying Safe At The Beach - The Life of StuffEssential Safety Tips for Staying Safe At The Beach - Wear Reliable Footwear

Staying Safe At The Beach Tip #1

Wear Reliable Flip-Flops & Footwear

Solid footwear is always smart to use no matter where you’re holidaying. And this includes the beach. Because the truth is that sometimes beaches are less friendly to bare feet than you may expect. Anyone who knows the painful sting of a jellyfish will no doubt agree. Unfortunately, sometimes holidaymakers aren’t as considerate as their fellow beach goers, from discarding rubbish that could potentially cut you to using portable barbecue kits and then burying them under the sand, coals still burning.

So even though beaches may seem like clean spaces, you can never tell what litter has been dropped underneath the sand, or indeed what small crustacean might nip at your toes if you’re not careful.

A solid, fitting pair of flip-flops are always wise to wear, and packing your beach bag with a pair of aqua shoes are a great idea when in the waters, and especially on rocky beaches and shorelines.

Essential Safety Tips for Staying Safe At The Beach - Always wear sunscreen

Staying Safe At The Beach Tip #2

Always Wear Sunscreen, Even On Mild Days

It’s easy to say that the majority of people enjoy the benefits of ‘getting some sun’, from the energy it gives us and the outdoor pursuits it allows us to enjoy. Unfortunately though, as we should all know by now, prolonged skin exposure is a very real health risk.

If you’re not careful, constant exposure to the sun without the right factor of sunscreen can lead to the early stages of skin cancer. You always be aware that can also suffer burns on mild days when the exposure is unimpeded for a long enough duration.

So make sure your skin and the skin of your children are covered with a strong factor of protection. And remember using sun factor every day you face the elements has the side benefit of avoiding premature skin aging, and who doesn’t want that!

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Essential Safety Tips for Staying Safe At The Beach - Keep an Eye on the Tide

Staying Safe At The Beach Tip #3

Keep An Eye On The Tide

The tide can come into shore more quickly than you may imagine. While it’s unlikely to sweep you away unaware, this can happen, and at some times of the year, the waves may be higher than you expected.

Make sure to keep an eye on the tide, and listen to the predictions of the coastal guard to know when it should happen. This is also essential if you swim out to any small island or set up your beach base when the tide is out, as sooner or later, it will come in and you’ll need to be prepared for it.

And if you plan on napping on a beach, be extra vigilant, and make sure to set alarms.

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Essential Safety Tips for Staying Safe At The Beach - The Life of Stuff

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