Sustainable Living – 4 Top Home Maintenance Tips

Top Home Maintenance Tips for Increased Efficiency

Keeping your home energy efficient isn’t always about installing the latest smart technology. It can also come from maintaining your home properly and to a good standard. Often there are small jobs around the house that need completing, and can only get more complicated with time. Not only does this mean they are more costly to repair, but can also hinder the efficiency of your home.

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Here are some top tips to help you get started with a more efficient home.

Sustainable Living - 4 Top Home Maintenance Tips - Heating

Home Maintenance Tips #1 – Regular upkeep and maintenance of your heating source

Whether you have a boiler or a heating oil tank, keeping it in good condition is key. The first and most important thing you can do is bring in a professional to get your heating equipment serviced. This will ensure it is working properly, maximise its lifespan and keep your heating bills nice and low. If you have a boiler, service can include a check of the boiler pressure, bleeding and balance of the radiators. If you have an oil tank, this will help in preventing and dealing with heating oil spills, ensure it is working at its optimum levels, and avoid costly repairs.

Sustainable Living - 4 Top Home Maintenance Tips - Ventilation

Home Maintenance Tips #2 – Clean out fans and ventilators

Ventilators and fans are located around the home to keep the air fresh, reduce moisture and help clean out bad smells. If these are not maintained properly, the airflow in your house can be compromised, making it much less efficient. It can also cause excessive moisture which can lead to mould, and over time, water damage. Make sure you regularly clean your fans and ventilators out, to keep them in top working condition.

Sustainable Living - 4 Top Home Maintenance Tips - Insulation

Home Maintenance Tips #3 – Maintain your roof

Maintaining your roof will not only help you avoid a costly, and timely replacement, but it will also help your home operate more efficiently. Commonly, roofs are neglected, because they are out of sight, and therefore, out of mind. However, it is important to add your roof to your maintenance list.

Firstly, good insulation will create a barrier to the elements, enable you to better control your temperature, and let less heat escape. Secondly, insulation must be balanced with good ventilation. This will ensure that during the hotter months, rooms aren’t too hot due to too much trapped air, and during winter months there’s enough ventilation to prevent condensation.

Home Maintenance Tips #4 – Maintain your washing machine properly

A large portion of greenhouse gases comes from the household, including the use of appliances such as washing machines. A washing machine is, however, essential in a home to keep clothes clean. Fortunately, you can play your part and make it more efficient by simply cleaning and maintaining it regularly. Not only will doing fewer washes, and using a cooler setting help, but you should also clean the filter each month, and run a wash without any clothes in. This will help the machine run more efficiently, and last longer.

While there are many new habits and appliances that you can purchase to make your home more efficient, there are also plenty of tasks you can complete to maintain the items you already have. Following these simple steps can help your home run much more efficiently.

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