Sustainable Living – 6 Essential Hacks for a Clean Healthy Home

Simple Hacks To Living in a Clean Healthy Home

A clean healthy home looks, feels and smells clean. And no doubt it’s something we strive for, for ourselves and our family. Of course a fully furnished home may be challenging to keep clean because of the amount of home appliances and utensils we use nowadays. Add to these all the activities that go on within our homes, from pets, to sporting equipment and if you have young children, there’s the issue of toys, toys and more toys.

But there are several ways to make keeping a clean healthy home manageable. And practicing some of these simple but essential hacks could be the answer to help you keep your home smelling, looking, and feeling clean.

So attention busy homeowners, here are six essential hacks for a clean healthy home that will help you live well and live sustainably.

Sustainable Living - 6 Essential Hacks for a Clean Healthy Home - Cleaning Schedule and Checklist

Clean Healthy Home Hack #1 – Keep a Cleaning/Tidying Checklist or Schedule

Try setting out a cleaning and tidying checklist or schedule, one that’s shared with all your family members – children included! Keep the checklist visible for all to see, on a noticeboard or on the fridge, and check it off as the week goes on. This way you’ll know what’s done and what needs to be done. Delegate or don’t delegate, see what works for you. And if time is short, roll the chore onto the following week – because there’s no point sweating the small stuff.

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Clean Healthy Home Hack #2 – Don’t Keep Unnecessary Things in Your Home

I bet if you look around your home right now you’ll realise that there are many things that you don’t actually need or use regularly? It can be challenging to let go of some things – you can get attached them even if they’re not being used and just gathering dust! Work out what’s needed and what’s not. Pack away items that aren’t needed on a daily basis and keep them in storage but within reach – it could be in your garage or attic. Just remember to clearly mark the box or bag so you don’t spend a day looking for them when you do need them. Give away, gift, sell or donate the things you will never need or use.

When it comes to clothing, whether they’re yours or your children’s, consider giving them to charity – but always check with the charity of choice before you turn up with sacks of clothes to donate, because they might not need them. If donating, always wash and dry your donations before you hand them over and if they’re raggidy – consider using them for cleaning rags at home or try a clothing recycling bank like Clothes Pod here in Ireland.

If you’re doing a huge overhaul then contact your local Recycling Centre for advice and even your local waste management company for disposal. Companies like Bord na Móna Recycling, Skip Hire UK and Westbin can help you dispose of your unwanted stuff safely and responsibly.

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Sustainable Living - 6 Essential Hacks for a Clean Healthy Home - Use Salt

Clean Healthy Home Hack #3 – Use Salt

Along with white vinegar, a household must-have for sustainable living, salt is not only for cooking! It is essential in developing simple hacks for cleaning furniture and appliances like your iron. You can also use salt to clean sinks and glass stains!

WikiHow explains ‘How to Clean your Iron with Salt’ in some really simple steps here.

So be open to trying natural methods to clean, it can work out better for your health and your pocket.

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Sustainable Living - 6 Essential Hacks for a Clean Healthy Home - make your bed

Clean Healthy Home Hack #4 – Create a Clean Bed Routine

Making your bed is a straightforward way of maintaining a clean bedroom. Some may find it difficult, especially if your days start early. However, really try to spare a few minutes within your morning hours to make your bed. It doesn’t have to be as soon as you get out of it. In actual face it’s best to leave it uncovered for a while to let it breathe but it can become your morning ritual.

The same goes with changing bed linen once a week, get into a habit of it. Vacuum the mattress and under your bed each time, and you’ll have a better chance of a soothing sleep.

As your children get older, get them into the practice too, of making their beds and helping out when changing their bedding. Start as you mean to go on!

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Clean Healthy Home Hack #5 – Invest in a Dishwasher

Dishwashers may be expensive, but as they use much less water than the traditional way of washing up they really are a suitable investment for sustainable living once you start using them, especially if you have a big household.

Dirty dishes cause foul smells, so for a busy household, a dishwasher can also be a problem solver for time management and a clean healthy home. And taking dishwashing out of the equation can also have a positive effect on relationships! Yes according to research dishwashing causes more relationship stress than any other household chore!

On top of all these reasons, washing dishes can often be the reason why people skip cooking at home and opt for take-outs. It goes without saying that take-outs are a great treat, but that’s just it, they should be treats and not the norm. Therefore, a dishwasher is a worthy appliance for healthy eating and a sustainable lifestyle.

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Sustainable Living - 6 Essential Hacks for a Clean Healthy Home - Leave shoes at the door

Clean Healthy Home Hack #6 – Leave your Shoes at the Door

Shoes collect dust and bacteria, in fact a study published on USAToday states that fecal bacteria appeared on 96% of the shoes … YUCK! Makes you think right?

So you’ve cleaned your home, washed and hoovered every floor and then walk all over them in your bacteria laced shoes – the more you think about it, the more you understand that to keep a clean healthy home you have to try not wearing shoes inside. Yes you want your children to build up their immune system but there will be plenty of opportunity for that when you catch them eating soil or worse still, the dogs chew toy!

If not wearing shoes inside is new to you, you could consider wearing slipper socks, slippers, flip-flops or Crocs – footwear you can easily slip on and off, and wash when needed are the best choices. Going shoeless is also a great way to destress – ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ is simply the practice of walking around barefoot. So try being at one with nature and ground those negative vibes!

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Sustainable living isn’t just about reducing your personal environmental impact, it’s a combination of eating well, getting out, having fun, and living in a clean healthy home. Cleanliness in the home is essential because it sets you on the right track for a healthier state of mind.

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Photos by Daiga Ellaby – CCO Licence.

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