Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone

Find Connections When Travelling Alone

Travelling to a new city or country is fun, but it can get lonely if you stay alone for an extended period. Of course, you can still keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones back home, but you can’t ignore the importance of meeting new people and forming physical connections. You may not want to take certain risks, like hitting the streets alone to make friends, especially if you’re not used to the place. So what can you do? Here are some fun ways to meet new people when travelling alone.

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8 Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone

3 Ways To Find Connections When Travelling Alone - Find out of the way places

How to Find Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone #1

Find Out-of-the-Way Places

This may seem counterproductive to go to a place where there are less people. In reality, it’s the best thing to do. When you find out-of-the-way places where tourists don’t go, you will be introduced to the locals and the “real” people of where you are. Places that are less crowded also give you the opportunity to genuinely meet someone and talk with them.

Locals also have a lot of friends and you may find yourself with an invitation to a party or gathering. One of those things may actually be happening in this quiet location, and you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of fine people.

How to Find Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone #2

Participate in Trivia Nights or Pub Quizzes

If you’ve never been to a trivia night before, you’re missing out on a lot of fun and interesting people. Trivia nights are promotional events, usually in a bar, restaurant, or pub, where guests form teams and compete against each other to win attractive prizes.

Most people refer to trivia nights as pub quizzes or pub nights, but the goal is always the same. Trivia nights are becoming increasingly popular, especially in major cities. The quizzes or questions are mostly based on chosen themes and may change from event to event.

So, check online in your city to find out if any of such events are being held in a bar, pub, or restaurant near you. Imagine joining a team to answer trivia questions about characters from your favourite movies, winning prizes, and meeting wonderful people. Even if you don’t want to participate in the quizzes, you can still enjoy the event and make new friends.

3 Ways To Find Connections When Travelling Alone - meet up with a friend

How to Find Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone #3

Meet Up With a Friend’s Friend

When you make your travel plan and share it with your friends, ask if any of your friends know anyone where you are going. This can easily be done through social media, and you can set up a time and place to meet up, go to interesting places, and meet new faces. In the past, people would have to reply on phone calls and emails when arranging to meet new acquaintances or new friends when travelling. With social media, you can find a whole bunch of new people who you may already be connected to, or at least find events that are aligned with what you like.

How to Find Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone #4

Join an Amateur Sports Team

Do you love sports? Then, find a local amateur team to join as a fun way to meet new people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re super athletic or enjoy it for fun; several amateur teams in most major cities cover almost any sporting discipline.

There are amateur football teams, tennis, fencing, basketball, deep diving, and many others. Even better, most of these teams play in non-competitive weekend leagues, keeping your weekends occupied with fun activities. You’ll meet many people, and more importantly, those who share your interests. Being a part of a team also gives you a sense of belonging, as you share things in common with others from diverse backgrounds. 

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3 Ways To Find Connections When Travelling Alone - go on excursions

How to Find Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone #5

Consider Speed Dating

Maybe you’re looking for a more romantic connection beyond quizzes and sports. Perhaps you want someone to share those lonely indoor nights with. Then, consider speed dating. Dating the regular way can seem boring because meeting people takes longer, and may not be ideal if you’re only temporarily staying in your new city.

Plus, dating is stressful, especially if it takes you out of your comfort zone. It can also be unpredictable or risky for someone new to a city. Opt for speed dating instead of throwing yourself into an awkward situation with someone unknown. You can meet several people in one event. Besides, the atmosphere is more fun, comfortable, and safer, and you can meet the type of people you want and be more specific, for example; straight, bi, trans, gay or lesbian speed dating. And all without worrying about meeting people in obscure places. 

How to Find Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone #6

Go On Excursions

Tours are great, but if you can do an actual excursion where you are going, you will find that you quickly bond with whomever you are with. Excursions sometimes require teamwork, and when you are put in that situation where you can work alongside others, you will get to know someone fast, and you will be able to make a connection with someone new.

The other people on your excursion will also be travellers as well, and you will be able to expand your friend group to new places, and find a partner to do some more exploring with as your trip continues.

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3 Ways To Find Connections When Travelling Alone - do what you want to do

How to Find Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone #7

Join a Book Club

If you love books, joining a book club is a wonderful way to meet new people who share your interest. You can check out local bookstores and libraries near you and ask if they have book clubs. You can also search online for clubs near you.

If you think a book club is only about meeting in quiet rooms and reading for long hours, think again. Book clubs are fun, especially if you love to read. Most of these clubs also have activities like attending an author event to receive autographed book copies, watching movie adaptations of favourite novels together, and planning themed meals and drinks around selected books. Some also participate in local charity events, leading to the next tip.

How to Find Fun Ways to Meet New People When Travelling Alone #8

Join a Local Charity Event or Volunteer in Your Local Community

There are so many fun volunteering opportunities with large groups where you can find your tribe. But don’t join just any volunteer group. It should be a cause meaningful to you to enjoy it. So, look for a charity group that supports a cause you believe in and pick areas of interest. For example, you can volunteer for a local art show if you love art.

You can also volunteer as a coach if you have some knowledge you’re willing to share. Remember that while you will impact lives with your efforts, you also want to meet new people and make meaningful connections. 

Do What You Want to Do

Don’t feel pressured to do certain things because you feel it will be better socially. Do things you actually want to do. When you put yourself in a place where you are doing something that makes you happy, you will find others who are made happy by the same things. That’s a great thing to have in common as you make new friends on your adventure. So don’t think about others, and soon you will be surrounded by them.

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