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The Wedding Flowers


Wedding Flowers Bouquet

Flowers come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. We are all aware of this. Some people love having bunches in vases around their home. They are a thing of beauty. Personally I love them. I enjoy admiring them and having a pretty bunch sitting in a vase in my house. I do, however, prefer to see them when they are still alive and growing.

When it came to the time for my Fiancé and I to pick our wedding flowers and for me to choose my wedding bouquet, we really didn’t know too much about the different names of the flowers and all we had to go on were the colours we had chosen for our wedding, our wedding theme, and a picture of a bouquet I had found while googling one night … which I had added to one of my Pinterest boards. Funnily enough this was all the information we needed! The colour scheme and the fact I had a bouquet that I liked were enough! We, well I should be honest here, I, described what style of flowers I wanted and our florist, being the expert knew after some questions on likes and dislikes, what flowers we needed to create the image I had imagined.

When it came to the bouquet, I went to see the florist on my own as it was important that I described my dress, described my bridemaid’s dress and confirmed colour schemes We discussed what flowers could work and what flowers wouldn’t. Traditionally a bride carried a floral bouquet and wore flowers and herbs to ward off evil spirits. The tradition of carrying a bouquet has stuck, thankfully the fear of evil spirits has gone, I hope. I wasn’t clued up on all the different names or types of flowers available so again this was where the expertise of the florist shone and they were able to recommend flowers that would be in season and would fit, colour and style-wise. I was also surprised that you can add herbs to your bouquets like in yester years, not to ward off spirits but to create different aroma’s. Cool! After decisions were made, a price was given and the booking made. I have to say that both our experience of choosing our wedding flowers and my experience of choosing my wedding bouquet were those of ease.

What is my advise when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers and bouquet?

Know your wedding colours. Know your wedding theme if you have one, for example the nautical theme or garden party theme. Know what colours are being worn by the wedding party. Get researching. Have a look at bouquets online whether it’s simply by google searching or looking through wedding websites. I found Pinterest great and there are lots of inspiring pictures there that you can add to your own inspiration board, like the pictures I’ve included in this post. You can check out my Wedding Flowers Board here and find the links to lots of inspiring pictures that link back to the websites they were originally found on. Be prepared for some flowers to be much more expensive than others. Keep in mind the seasons, as some flowers you like may not be available. Don’t stress and have fun.

Wedding Flowers

If you don’t like flowers or want something different you could always go for a Brooch Bouquet … I’ve seen some fabulous ones online, which you can make yourself or have made. A really lovely idea is to ask all your Hen Party guests to gift you a brooch which you can in turn use to make your brooch bouquet! Sweet and you can keep it forever! As mentioned above the picture below and lots of other inspiring pictures can be found in my Pinterest board Wedding Flowers Board here.

Brooch Bouquet

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