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The Wedding Suit – For Him & Her


I really can’t believe that I am nearly four months married! I don’t know where the time has gone, but it has! It’s time to start wrapping up these Wedding Journal posts so this evening I am blogging a well overdue post on The Wedding Suit.

Times have changed and so to has style but it is very evident that some things last. Take the traditional Morning Suit. Lots grooms (and their brides) prefer this style when it comes to walking down and back up the aisle. This style of suit is normally a three piece suit. There are variances to the suit jacket, hip length, thigh length and of course the tailcoat style. The suit trousers are normally regular fit. The waistcoat is normally a different fabric and pattern to the suit. It normally matches the bridal colours and so stands out when worn over the shirt and the cravat. This style of suit, suits a traditional style wedding and the Father of the Bride and Groomsmen usually wear the same style of suit to match the groom. These suits can be bought from any good tailor, department store or can be hired, which I can imagine is quite popular if the groom and groomsmen aren’t ‘suit’ men.

The Traditional Morning Suit

*image sources are varied

Traditional Wedding Suit

The Non-Traditional Wedding Suit is the style that Patrick and I went for and I think this style of wedding dressing is definitely on the up. The reason we chose a non-traditional style of suit for both him and his groomsman was really down to the style of wedding we planned and had. When it comes to choosing this style of suit, it is really important to find the style and colour that fits with the theme of the wedding. It is equally important to choose the right fit for the man, and I don’t mean waist or chest measurements, that is no brainer, what I mean is the fit of the suit, a regular or slim fit. For our wedding Patrick wore a slim fit suit, however his groomsman wore a regular fit. These ‘fit’ styles will depend on the man’s build and of course on personal taste. These Non-Traditional Suits can be worn as three pieces or as two. The bridal colours can be matched through the choice of shirt worn and a tie or bow-tie is normally worn too. Wearing this style of suit leaves more room for personal style and expression and wearing the likes of a funky bow-tie or non-black shoes matches well. Finding the right Non-Traditional Wedding Suit may take a little more effort than the aforementioned Traditional Wedding Suit but it is worth the effort. You can search online, in mens boutiques, department stores and high street shops. The bonus too is that this style of suit will most likely be worn again so it’s better value in the long run, which also means that effort is rewarded.

The Non-Traditional Wedding Suit

*image sources are varied

Non-Tradional Wedding Suit

Not forgetting the brides out there amongst us who would favour wearing a suit, I have included a selection of my favourite ‘female’ suits, found online. They are from various sources like the rest but should provide some inspiration. As with shopping for a Wedding Dress, shopping for a Wedding Suit for a female bod … will require some research into what style you are after and what style suits you. Here’s a link to the Wedding Dress post I did that includes a very handy body shape and measurement guide.  The style of Wedding Suit should really be determined after you have discussed and decided on the style/theme of your wedding. Wedding Suits for women aren’t as common as mens suits but give it time and they will be. Between then and now and with some time spent online, on the high street and in designer stores, there is no doubt that your perfect look can be achieved. I particularly like a mix of fabrics and textures, lace with chiffon, silk and wool.

Women’s Wedding Suits

*image sources are varied

Women's Wedding Suits

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