World Homelessness Day & The Simon Community

World Homelessness Day – Friday October 10th 2014

World Homelessness Day & The Simon Community

As wannabe beauty queens hold their hair brushes tight and smile into their bedroom mirrors from the comfort of their homes around the world, practicing those all too familiar and stereotypical words ‘I want to end world hunger and world homelessness’ … I shudder, not because of the whole beauty queen malarkey but because inside most of us (men and women) are these ‘beauty queens’ who have all the ideas in the world and love to sprout on about wanting to help this and that cause and wanting to end this and that manmade travesty but how many of us actually put our money where our mouths are, and I don’t mean that literally. I mean how many of us actually do something.

The Simon Communities in Ireland are doing their best to do something about homelessness and you know what the best thing is? … they are making it easy for you to help out. They are making it easy for you to practice what you preach. How I hear you ask and will it cost me? Here’s how and no it won’t so don’t be so miserable …

The Simon Stand and Deliver Campaign #SIMONSTANDANDDELIVER

The focus of the campaign is to ask people to sign a letter to the Cabinet that asks them to Stand by their promise to end long-term homelessness by delivering sufficient housing. Simples.

Here’s the facts from The Simon Communities of Ireland …

We believe this is now more important than ever as there is a deepening housing and homelessness crisis. Nearly 90,000 households – and rising – are on the social housing waiting list. Private rents are increasing rapidly forcing tenants into homelessness. Rent supplement entitlements are too low to match the commercial rents being demanded. Banks are repossessing properties. Most worrying of all, there is chronic shortage of public and private housing being built.

We are proposing Three Common Sense solutions:
· Increase housing – and the right kind of housing
· Provide adequate support services.
· Prevent homelessness before it happens. ‘

SO what are you waiting for – SIGN IT – – I know I have … now where’s my hairbrush ??? …

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