Bevvy of the Week – Benedictine


Bevvy of the Week - Benedictine

A couple of weeks ago I read an article on Benedictine. The article was about a club in England, and how that the clientele are the biggest consumer of the French liqueur. The Club order in more Benedictine that any other one club, bar or restaurant in Europe. Now that’s something to write home about.

It all started when the British lads took a liking to Benedictine when they were stationed in France during the war. They liked it so much that when they returned home to England they made sure that their local would get a stock of it in. I’m sure this happened across the UK but this club seems to have continued with their love of the liqueur. It’s not only the old timers drinking it but it’s also the younger ones too and the bar have introduced the Benebomb to meet demand.

Benedictine is a Cognac based liqueur made of herbs and roots. It’s exact ingredients are kept secret, even to this day. It’s a full-bodied liqueur with lots of sweetness to it.

To buy a bottle it will set you back about €40 in the Off Licence but you would be better getting a measure in a bar to try it out or you could even go for the Benebomb (Benedictine & Red Bull) .

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