World Egg Day – How Do You Eat Yours?

World Egg Day – Friday October 10th 2014

World Egg Day - How Do You Eat Yours?

Ah you know that old joke – How do you like your eggs in the morning … the retort being … unfertilised. Well for many of us who either get that terrible joke, like it or detest it, there is no denying that us humans love ourselves a good ol’ chickens egg. Boiled, fried, poached, scrambled or made into a delightful dish we really do love them and to prove this here are the stats from those in the know – Bord Bia …

According to a recent Bord Bia study*, over 85% of adults in Ireland enjoy eggs at least once a week, with 56% of men and 47% of women eating eggs two to three times per week. Of the 1,008 adults surveyed, the research showed that over a third (35%) consume eggs for lunch and 34% like to enjoy eggs as part of their evening meal.

Teresa Brophy, Consumer and Trade Marketing Manager at Bord Bia said, “Eggs form part of a healthy diet; they are versatile, don’t take long to cook and are great value. With just a few eggs you can prepare a feast of family favourites. It is no wonder that egg sales have risen by 6% in the last year to €98 million as shoppers buy eggs more often and buy on average ten eggs per shopping trip.” 

*A Behaviour and Attitude’s study was carried out on behalf of Bord Bia in April 2014 focusing on the purchase and consumption of eggs in the Irish market.

To celebrate World Egg Day the aforementioned Bord Bia have through their research on how we eat our eggs, created a simple but effective infographic explaining what your favourite style of eggs say about your personality! As an egg lover myself I have to say I’m a bit of them all!

So … How Do You Eat Yours ?

World Egg Day - How Do You Eat Yours?

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To keep up to date with all that’s going on for World Egg Day just use the hashtag #WorldEggDay

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