Yelp – Spring Back to Life Friday April 25th – Saturday 17th May, 2014

Yelp – Spring Back to Life 2014

Yelp Spring Back to Life

I’m a really big fan of Yelp and in particular Yelp Dublin and guess what? … they are a fan of me as I became a Yelp Elite this year! Yay! … now that I am one I get invited to cool get togethers which are mostly free and include free stuff … sweet! … but not to pat myself on the back too much or wave my imaginary trophy about, it’s pretty easy to become an Elite … here are the details

However Yelp Eliteness aside Yelp are so cool that they do not limit their free get togethers and events to their Elites and they have numerous events happening throughout the year. Back in January they celebrated a Festival of Firsts and now that Spring has sprung they are celebrating their Spring Back to Life Events. To partake in the activities lined up … which by the way range from lunch to Tea, Pilate Class to Swing Dance Class and a Biodiversity Tour to a Night Race all you need to do is ensure you are signed up to Yelp using your real photo and RSVP on the event page … simples and here’s the link 

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