3 Everyday Ways You Could Be Harming Your Teeth

Everyday Ways You Could Be Harming Your Teeth

Some of us have great looking teeth that have needed little effort to ‘perfect’, some of us have needed lots of help over years to create a confident smile. Whether you’re the former or later, there are certainly things we can do to preserve our teeth for longer. For starters, we should get into the habit of brushing and flossing regularly, as these are obvious ways to protect our dental health. We should also stop believing the dental myths that could be affecting the way we care for our teeth.

It’s also important to stop doing the following, as knowingly or unknowingly, these are the ways you could be harming your teeth on a daily basis.

#1: Ignoring The Need For A Dental Checkup

“I’ll book the appointment tomorrow,” you might tell yourself (or others) despite knowing full well that you probably won’t. And the reason why you don’t could be because you’re terrified of the pain you might experience when sat in the dental chair, or you might be worried about the expense if problems are found.

3 Everyday Ways You Could Be Harming Your Teeth - ignoring dental checkup

But here’s the thing: The more you procrastinate the worse things will become for you. It’s likely that you will experience pain if there are any issues with your teeth and gums and this is before you get to the dentist. And there will be a bigger expense if issues aren’t rectified early. So, book that appointment today even if you aren’t feeling any pain at the moment. With today’s technologies, the pain you will feel at the dentist will be minimal, and the expense will be less if the risk of future oral problems can be reduced.

#2: Refusing To Wear Your Aligners

If your dentist has recommended aligners to fix your crooked teeth, then wear them. The longer you leave them out, the worse the situation will become, as your teeth will shift back to their original position. You might then experience discomfort when the aligner is back in place and you might harm your teeth, gums, and soft tissues when trying to make the aligner fit again.

3 Everyday Ways You Could Be Harming Your Teeth - Not wearing your aligners

People refuse to wear their aligners for different reasons. Some leave them out because of the discomfort they feel when first wearing them. And others leave them out because they are embarrassed to be seen in them. If any of these reasons apply to you, then think twice before leaving your aligners out. They will start to become more comfortable as time passes so follow the recommendations given to you by your dentist. And if you’re unhappy about their appearance, talk to your dentist about alternatives, such as nighttime clear aligners. By taking the necessary steps, you will improve both the health and appearance of your teeth.

#3: Falling Prey To Tooth-Destroying Habits

Certain habits will negatively affect the health of your teeth so you should kick them into touch as soon as possible. This is especially true for those habits that you fall prey to on a daily basis. Your meal plan might include foods that are bad for your teeth, for example, and you might chew on your pencil, smoke cigarettes, open packets with your teeth, and be guilty of other bad habits that will eventually wreck your teeth.

3 Everyday Ways You Could Be Harming Your Teeth - bad habits

Check out the linked articles for habits you need to avoid and then make it a daily habit to care for your teeth by eating the right foods and looking after your dental hygiene.

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