A “Hole” New World: A Quick Guide to Piercings

A Quick Guide to Piercings

Piercings can add something extra to your style. Whether you’re after a certain look. Or perhaps you’re looking to evoke something a little sexier in combination with your lingerie! You might be interested in face piercings, or you might want to start piercing your body. If you don’t know which way to go, or wonder if body piercing is a lot of hard work, then this ‘Quick Guide to Piercings‘ should help you understand, and inspire you take the next steps in your research, or perhaps new piercings!

A Hole New World - A Quick Guide to Piercings - lip piercing

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Choosing the Right Body Piercer

When considering a piercing, and browsing the options, one of the most important factors in your decision on where to get it done, whether it’s a well-known establishment or the local body jewellery shop, is that you find the right professional. A good piercing professional won’t just perform the procedure properly but they will be properly trained and professional while also guaranteeing you are informed on how to look after your piercing – aftercare is a must!

If you’ve had your ears pierced before, and a piercing gun was used be advised that although this is a common practice, a piercing professional that specialises in a wide variety of different piercing types, will not use a piercing gun as they are not sterile. They will also have proper procedures for disposing of waste. If you are uncomfortable or you don’t feel your questions are answered you should go somewhere else.

A Hole New World - A Quick Guide to Piercings - Ear piercing

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Types of Piercings to Consider

You can get your ears pierced but there’s so much more out there. But what is right for you? Here are some to consider –

A Navel/Belly Button Piercing is a very attractive prospect for many, but it can easily irritate from friction. If you do a lot of physical activity you could run the risk of irritating it or injuring yourself. It’s also important to clean a new navel piercing daily which can be too much for some.

Lip Piercings come in single, double, and quadruple lip piercings, and come in a wide variety of types such as Medusa, Madonna, Monroe, Side Labret, Labret, and Ashley piercings. Each one has its own healing time. And can take up to 12 weeks depending on the care needed.

A Hole New World - A Quick Guide to Piercings - Nose piercing

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Cartilage Piercings consist of different piercing types such as the Helix, Tragus, Scaffold, Snug and Daith, to name a handful. It’s an ideal choice for someone who is looking to step beyond the traditional ear piercing but does not want to have anything else done.

Eyebrow Piercings are straightforward but if you use smaller jewellery than recommended by your piercer, you can cause skin damage.

Nose piercings are very common and can be an understated type of piercing. But it can also be a very big statement piece depending on where you have it. A very trendy look, the most important thing to note is that you cannot use a standard earring for a nostril piercing as it can cause the piercing to heal improperly.

A Hole New World - A Quick Guide to Piercings - Man, piercing

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Nipple piercings are very delicate and require a lot of care and attention. It’s important to have high-quality materials for your nipple ring such as solid gold because this is a pure metal so your nipple won’t react to it as much.

Tongue piercings again are a very popular choice, but it’s important to note that it can have an increased risk of infection. While this piercing can only take seconds with minimal bleeding and discomfort, it’s important to note that it possibly cause damage to your teeth.


As you can see there’s a wide variety of piercings out there. Choosing the right one for you can make you feel bolder and sexier in so many ways.


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