How To Add More Storage To Your Bedroom

5 Ways to Add More Storage To Your Bedroom

Bedrooms often need a lot of storage. Between all your clothes, accessories, and out-of-season items to store, you need a lot of space. Bedrooms can quickly become cluttered, which makes them far from the relaxing places that they’re supposed to be. Luckily, there are lots of ways to add storage that still look great.

5 Ways to Add More Storage To Your Bedroom - Bedside Table

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1 – Add Bedside Tables with Storage

Make sure you choose a bedside table or cabinet with some shelving space. A drawer or cupboard (or both) underneath is a great way to stash the things you need at night, but that aren’t the most decorative. Tuck away things like your hand cream, pillow sprays, glasses case, spare tissues, or the TV remotes, in a drawer so they’re out of the way. A mirrored bedside table adds storage and looks stylish too.

5 Ways to Add More Storage To Your Bedroom - Ottoman

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2 – Add an Ottoman

An ottoman at the foot of the bed is a great addition to the bedroom. It looks inviting, gives you somewhere to sit when you’re putting your shoes on, and makes great storage. Use it to store the spare duvet, extra bedding, or blankets that you put on the bed in winter.

5 Ways to Add More Storage To Your Bedroom - Under bed storage

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3 – Add Underbed Storage

If you have a tall enough bed, you can buy wheeled boxes that can easily go under the bed and be slid in and out when you need them. Storage like this is great for shoes, bags, or out-of-season clothes. You could also buy a bed with drawers already built-in, or a platform bed that flips up to reveal storage space.

5 Ways to Add More Storage To Your Bedroom - Back of Door

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4 – Use the Back of your Bedroom Door

You could do the traditional thing and fit hooks to the back of the door to hang your dressing gown, coats or jackets. You could also use some hanging storage designed to go over the door, which has pouches for shoes. You can use the pouches for their intended use, and keep your shoes there, or you could use it to organize other small items, like hats, gloves, sunglasses, make-up, or toiletries. If your laundry basket is taking up all the floor, buy a soft, fabric one, and hang that on the door instead.

5 Ways to Add More Storage To Your Bedroom - Hidden Storage

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5 – Use Hidden Storage

Storage items often don’t look all that attractive, but you can hide it away. Furniture that does double duty as storage works well, like the ottoman. Hide your bedroom bin in a cupboard. Stack vintage suitcases to look chic, while also offering space for storing out-of-season items or accessories like hats and scarves. Look for a bed frame that has built-in drawers discreetly tucked inside, in slide-out pieces. You can get the clutter under control without cramming in more pieces of furniture and making the room feel just as disorganised and overcrowded.

By adding more storage to your bedroom, you can be tidier and more organised, and keep your bedroom a relaxing place for you to retire to at the end of the day to sleep and unwind. A well-organised bedroom is a more peaceful place to be, so it’s worth doing.


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