Home Style – Are Cheap Sofas A Waste Of Money?

Are Cheap Sofas A Waste Of Money?

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. This is the central piece of your living room; it’s where you and your family are going to lounge around and relax. A lot of time will be spent on the sofa, which is why it’s so important to buy one that a) lasts, b) feels nice and comfortable and c), looks the part.

Home Style - Are Cheap Sofas A Waste Of Money? Cheap Sofas Don't Last As Long

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Having said that, sofas can be very expensive. This leads many of us to try and save money by opting for some of the cheaper versions out there. A ‘cheap’ sofa is usually considered one that’s around €250 or there about, and you’ll find them in lots of general household stores and online. By contrast, more ‘expensive’ sofas can be over €1000 – so there’s a huge difference in price here.

But the question is, are cheap sofas a waste of your money? Are they worth buying? Unfortunately, you might not like the answer…

Home Style – Are Cheap Sofas A Waste Of Money or Worth Buying?

Home Style - Are Cheap Sofas A Waste Of Money? Think of your sofa as an investment piece

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Cheap Sofas Have Lower Build-quality

Why are cheap sofas cheap? It’s usually because they aren’t built from the same materials as the more expensive ones and they’re not constructed as robustly. This means you get a sofa that’s fine and safe to sit on, but will it last?

Most of the time, people buy cheaper sofas and end up replacing them far more often than an expensive ones. You keep a sofa for a couple of years before getting another one, meaning you’ll probably spend more money in the long run.

Ironically, despite the higher price, expensive sofas can be more cost-effective over a lifetime. It’s all about seeing this as an investment, rather than a one-off purchase.

Home Style - Are Cheap Sofas A Waste Of Money? Cheap Sofas tend not to be as Comfortable

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Cheap Sofas Don’t Tend To Be As Comfortable

While you can find some cheap sofas that are comfortable, they can never match their premium counterparts. Again, there’s a reason some sofas are more expensive than others, and it is almost always down to the build quality.

This doesn’t just mean that expensive sofas last for longer; it also means they provide optimal comfort for longer. So in theory the more expensive and the better quality a sofa is, the longer it will last – meaning more comfort for longer – and if you’re replacing your sofa less then that’s a sustainable living goal achieved too.

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Home Style - Are Cheap Sofas A Waste Of Money? How to Afford an 'expensive' sofa

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How Can You Afford A More ‘Expensive’ Sofa?

You won’t like to hear this, but it is often a better idea to invest in a more expensive sofa than a cheaper one. As mentioned above, you get a more comfortable piece of furniture that will last way longer.

Clearly, we’re not all made of money. Saving up for a purchase like this is the clever thing to do, but if this isn’t an option, a number of furniture stores offer interest-free credit for large purchases.

But if you want to be really smart about it, the best idea is to save, and research which sofa style you want and then sign up to your chosen stores newsletter or social media accounts so you can be updated when they have special discount days or sales, here’s an example of the RJ Living sofas sale. Sales are easy ways for you to find discounted products that are still built to last and extremely comfortable. So you get a better sofa for less money. Simple.

Think of your sofa as a home improvement and it suddenly feels more affordable. This one piece of furniture can enhance your living room and improve the way the whole area looks and feels. It will also be something that stays with you for years; most people can keep a high-quality sofa for a decade or more. Cheap sofas are attractive because of their lower prices, but they end up being less comfortable and more costly over time.

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