8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog

The Health Benefits of Getting a Dog

So you’re seriously thinking about getting a dog – and you understand that by doing so you must take care and be responsible for another life. And although this is a great duty to bestow upon yourself, and possibly your family, there are a number of ‘wonderful benefits of getting a dog; too.

So whether you’re saving a young or senior pooch from the local shelter – our number one preference, or searching for a specific breed such as these gorgeous chocolate lab puppies for sale, (dogstrust has some great tips on how to get a dog responsibly) – keep in mind that although the responsibility is big, the benefits of having a dog are much bigger!

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Postive Feelings & Better Moods

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Exploring the Health Benefits of Getting a Dog

Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #1 – Positive Feelings and Better Moods

Most dog parents are aware of the unparalleled, unconditional affection that our canine family members give to us. This loving affection we frequently experience when we are with our animal friends has a biological basis in the body.

In fact, studies have found that staring into your dog’s eyes increases your levels of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” And that goes for both you and your dog! Every time we experience a sense of social bonding, connection, or attachment, this hormone reaction is set off.

Add to that, similar studies have also shown that spending time with your (a) dog can increase dopamine levels, which is a hormone that improves mood. And who could say no to that!

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Increased Social Engagement

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Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #2 – Increased Social Engagement

Dogs help us connect with more people in real life and boost our internal sentiments of contentment, well-being, and social connection. Pet owners are 60% more likely than non-pet owners to get to know individuals in their neighbourhood. Dog owners are more likely to meet new people than non-dog owners since they often walk with their pets.

So from a social point of view they really are a benefit to help you find like-minded people because if you own a dog you’re more likely to engage, in person, with other individuals who also happen to adore fuzzy animals too. And this can be really beneficial if you want to meet new people in your town, go on dates or even find a relationship.

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Increased Attractiveness

Photo by Andrew Wise

Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #3 – Increased Attractiveness!

Dogs can not only make you more sociable, but they may also enhance your attractiveness. A study discovered that specific groups of males in the dating pool were more attractive when they owned dogs.

Another poll found that 46% of ‘Brits’ think animal lovers make more desirable potential partners. About one-third of survey respondents thought dog owners are more devoted, sympathetic, and caring. In this study ‘64% of women and 49% of men said they were more attracted to a person if they owned a rescue animal.’

Therefore, dogs can make humans more likeable and improve our perception of attractiveness.

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Increased Chances of Love

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov

Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #4 – Increased Chances of Love

Let’s now analyse how owning a dog may also help your hunt for love, especially on dating apps and websites. Can dogs assist in online dating? It appears that the answer is a resounding yes! In fact there are actual dating apps for dog owners!

Therefore, including some gorgeous puppy selfies in your dating profile can improve your chances of finding a new mate. The best course of action, in this case, is to be honest, since those who matched with someone who uploaded photographs of a dog that wasn’t theirs reported being very angry’ when it turned out the dog didn’t belong to them.

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Increased Fitness

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Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #5 – Increased Fitness

Unlike their feline cousins, dogs require more upkeep as pets. Dogs, for instance, need daily walks. This implies that one advantage of owning a dog is that they’ll encourage you to get off the sofa, leave the house, and go for a daily stroll outside. Additionally, engaging in physical activity with your dogs, such as dog jogs, bike rides, or hikes, is just so much more enjoyable.

Why not use an activity monitor for your dog to keep track of your progress when there are so many fantastic ways to stay in shape together? With today’s dog technology, you can keep track of your daily activities with your dog, including how many rest and exercise minutes they receive.

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Decreased Illness

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Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #6 – Decreased Risk of Illness

It’s possible that you already knew it or sensed it. Your dog aids in stress relief. And they might even improve the condition of your cardiovascular system as a whole. Owning a dog may help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, the statement cited multiple studies that revealed pet owners typically had lower blood pressure than non-pet owners.

Dogs have been protecting and guarding their human families for a very long time. There are canines that can detect prostate cancer and even dogs that can sniff out allergies. not to mention therapy dogs, service dogs, hearing dogs, guide dogs, etc. In this way, dogs help the blind and deaf, guard us against invaders and disease, and much more.

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Increased Help for Elderly

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Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #6 – Increased Help to Elderly

There is a tonne of evidence that pets may help the elderly as well. Dogs are helpful in:

  • promoting physical activity
  • offering company
  • enhancing social contact
  • lowering stress levels
  • lowering blood pressure
  • providing safety

Patients dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s have also benefited from dog therapy. The consequences of dementia, such as loneliness, anger, melancholy, and anxiety, have been shown to be lessened by the presence of dogs. And according to certain studies, dogs can even detect Alzheimer’s disease in urine samples.

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Decrease Purpose Anxiety

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Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #7 – Decreases Purpose Anxiety

Our closest companions are our dogs. They are members of our family, they are our friends and confidants. And certainly, when we do it right we accept this responsibility and commitment with all of our hearts. They can assist us in many ways and even help us give our lives purpose, which can decrease purpose anxiety

Becoming a dog owner can help us

  1. act responsibly
  2. feel unwavering love
  3. create wholesome everyday habits
  4. sustain our physical and mental health
  5. take pleasure in connection and belonging

The overwhelming amount of data shows that dogs not only improve our overall health, life satisfaction, and social and romantic experiences but also help us feel a strong sense of purpose and meaning every day!

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Getting a Dog - Nurtures Childhood

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Health Benefits of Getting a Dog #8 – Nurtures Childhood

When nurtured together, dogs and children can be the best of companions and can benefit each other in a variety of ways, from more playtime to brighter outlooks.

Although owning a pet gives you continual company through the ups and downs of childhood, it’s not always simple. Even when children are dealing with challenging life lessons, dogs may be a fantastic source of comfort. Kids can always turn to their pets when they’re feeling depressed, irate, or terrified. It has also been demonstrated that petting and caressing pets can help individuals unwind and reduce stress.

Children can learn responsibility through pet ownership. Children get their first taste of responsibility and accountability when they make sure the family dog has food and water. By taking care of their pet, children also gain empathy and compassion. And by meeting their pet ownership obligations, they raise their level of self-esteem.

Children are the focus of attention in every household, and they rapidly come to believe that everything in the world depends on them. This is why it’s crucial to introduce kids to ideas like loyalty or unconditional love. Who could teach us better than our canine friends?

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Kids have a tonne of possibilities to practise talking with dogs. Kids will be anxious to start conversing with their new companion, whether it’s calling the dog by name, asking them to follow simple canine commands like sit or stay, or just chattering. Children who have trouble speaking can benefit from dogs‘ calming and entertaining qualities. They are frequently used as nonjudgmental talking partner, which makes speech therapy easier and more enjoyable.

By bringing a pet into the family, parents have the chance to foster sibling cooperation and operate as a team. When it’s time for play, sharing in on the excitement of having a dog run around in the garden can bring them closer together. Dog walking and dog feeding can become joint tasks.

Dogs are a great addition to any household, this is your sign to give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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