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Dr Irena Eris Skincare

I knew my Polish friends were keeping a beauty secret and now I know what it is! Dr Irena Eris skincare products!

Brand new to the Irish Market, Dr Irena Eris skincare recently launched its arrival to these shores with a new product from its Cleanology range called the ‘Cleanology Face Cleansing Ritual‘, and happy me got sent one to try out.

Beauty Fix - Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing RitualBut before I tell you about the Cleansing Ritual, here are a few facts to introduce you Dr Irena Eris:

  • Dr Irena Eris started her skincare and cosmetics journey in 1983 – here’s an insightful article about it.
  • The Dr Irena Eris company, products and its people have won numerous awards – however one of its highest accolades came in 2012 when it became the only Polish brand to become a European member of the renowned French luxury brands’ association Comité Colbert.
  • Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories is the only cosmetics company in Poland with its own Centre for Science and Research.
  • Dr Irena Eris products are not tested on animals, and none of the ingredients used are tested on animals.
  • As well as Dr Irena Eris Cosmetic Laboratories and Skin Care Institutes, there are also five-star Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels in Krynica and Wzgórza Dylewskie.

Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing Ritual RRP €28.00

Beauty Fix - Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing RitualThe Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing Ritual is 175ml and comes in a box with a cleansing cloth. 

The oleogel ‘combines make-up removing, cleansing with anti-ageing benefits’. It’s suitable for all skin types and packed with blue algae extracts and precious oils it promises to leave your skin feeling cleansed, silkier and firmer.

The directions to use the product are quite simple. Apply the gel, massage it in and then use the cleansing cloth to remove the gel and to create a heat pack.

Beauty Fix - Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing RitualHowever the magic of the oleogel is brought to life during the massage and rinse time.

You’re advised to take a small amount of the gel and apply it to your face, while still dry. The next step is to spread the gel evenly using small circular motions. Next up is the firming massage, where again using small circular motions you massage the cheek areas of your face, from your top lip to under your eyes. You massage your forehead, the sides of your nose and finally the areas around your top lip and chin. 

Beauty Fix - Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing RitualOnce your massage is done, you apply the cleansing cloth which has been wet with warm water. You put the cloth over your face and gently press with the flat of your palms. This helps to stimulate the oils within the gel which in return exfoliates the skin. Finally you remove the towel with gentle motions to remove the last of your make-up. 

The product works on mascara but unless you want a stained cloth, I advise to remove that before you start your Cleanology Cleansing Ritual.

Beauty Fix - Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing RitualSo how did I find it? I love it. The gel smelt gorgeous as you applied it. The massage is comforting and becomes second nature after the first couple of applications. The warm face cloth felt therapeutic. Even though my skin was exfoliated the gel is so efficient there was no residue. There was no tingling of dryness or sensitivity after using it. My skin felt a slight firmness but not a tightness that sometimes happens and I feel the need to moisturise immediately. Over all my skin felt (and feels after each use) really clean and silky soft at the same time. A big thumbs up!

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Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing Ritual



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