Beauty Fix – REN Clean Skincare – Cleanse, Moisturise and Beautify

My REN Clean Skincare Routine

I’m a really big fan of REN Clean Skincare, in fact you could say that I love it. I have for some time. I featured the REN Flash Rinse here on The Life of Stuff some time ago, have a read of my post: Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Ideas – Bring the Beauty Spa to Her!. I use their V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream and Revitalising Night Cream regularly – in fact they are both on my shopping list.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Irish launch of the newest baby to the REN family, the Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift. It was a lovely event, hosted by celebrity skincare expert David Delport and on leaving I received a sample of the aforementioned Beauty Shot Eye Lift along with some other REN Skincare samples – so taking these new samples along with the products I already had – it is now time to share with you my REN Clean Skincare Routine … all tried, tested and loved … and spanning over a number of the REN Clean Skincare ranges: Rosa Centifolia, Flash, Radiance, V-Cense and Keep Young and Beautiful.

Beauty Fix - REN Clean Skincare - Cleanse, Moisturise and Beautify

… But before I do. Here are some facts about REN Clean Skincare I think you should know. They’ll also explain why I’m such a big fan.

Performance – “REN gives you groundbreaking product formulation, the latest hi-tech actives, rigorous product testing and clinically proven results.”

Purity – “REN uses only 100% plant and mineral derived actives and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.” Their products are free lots of nasties including; synthetic fragrances, colours, parabens and animal ingredients.

Pleasure – REN “believe that the texture, fragrance and experience of using REN can make the world a slightly nicer place to be and make us feel slightly nicer being here.”

REN Clean Skincare – Cleanse & Mask

Beauty Fix - REN Clean Skincare - Cleanse, Moisturise and Beautify

REN Clean Skincare – Rosa Centifolia Express Make-Up Remover 

*Sample Size pictured. Full size 150ml. RRP €16.00

Suitable for all skin types. Rosa Centifolia Express Make-Up Remover is made from bio extracts of rosa centifolia, rice bran oil and contains Vitamin P. I find this cleanser really efficient, yet gentle on my skin. It gets rid of my waterproof mascara and eyeliner without the need for rubbing which can damage the sensitive skin around your eyes. It’s milky in texture and leaves my skin feeling so soft that I often think I’ve already applied moisturiser.

REN Clean Skincare – Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

Full size pictured at 75ml. RRP €37.95

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial is suitable for all skin types expect those that are prone to sensitivity. With promises of instantly revitalising and visibly rejuvenating the skin, all in 60 seconds, you could think you’ve heard it all before. However Flash Rinse feels like it does just that. It’s recommended that you use it every three days. I’ve forgotten from time to time but when I do, I feel an instant difference. My skin feels thoroughly cleaned and really fresh. Packed with Vitamin C that activates when water is added, directions to use it are simple. After you cleanse, “apply over face and neck massaging with circular movements. Dampen finger tips with water and massage again to activate the Vitamin C. Leave for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly”

REN Clean Skincare – Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

*Sample Size pictured. Full size 50ml. RRP €35.00

REN Radiance Renewal Mask is a “potent exfoliating mask formulated to renew the complexion, dramatically improve skin tone and radiance, and reduce the appearance of fine lines.” After only one use my skin felt so much softer. I had a little dry patch around my chin area that I had ignored and this along with the REN Youth Vitality Day Cream sorted it right out. This product is not suitable for sensitive skin. To use it is simple, you apply it to your face and neck, leave it on for 10 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. After that you rinse with warm water. Then you can do what I often do and give a final splash with cold water to close your pores.

REN Clean Skincare – Moisturise

Beauty Fix - REN Clean Skincare - Cleanse, Moisturise and Beautify

REN Clean Skincare – V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream

Full size pictured at 50ml. RRP €36.00

I love this moisturiser so much. It’s actually on my shopping list as my supply is drawing too close to empty for my liking. There’s an almost sweet peppery smell from it when you apply it. It soaks in quickly, leaves my skin silky soft, and I have found it to be an excellent moisturiser under make-up. It’s packed full of Vitamin C and as with all REN Skincare products is free from nasties like parabens and sulphates. This cream is ant-ageing and is packed full of goodies:

CIT SAP Protein from Orange Stem Cells stimulates collagen and elastin and provides antioxidant protection. | Vitamin C from Calabrian Oranges boosts collagen formation to lift and firm the skin. | Frankincense and Boswellic Acid relax facial muscles to help smooth expression lines and wrinkles. | Tocotrienols from Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil protect against free radicals and UV induced damage.”

REN Clean Skincare – V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream

*Sample Size pictured. Full size 50ml. RRP €38.00

Oh how I wish this little sample was the full size! I’ve used V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream for quite a while now, albeit sparingly, and it along with the V-Cense Youth Vitality Day Cream are top of my skincare shopping list. Like it’s sister, the night cream is packed full of skincare goodies such as Vitamin C, Frankincense and Boswellic Acid, except the night cream contains “Phytosterols from Camellia and Wheat Germ” which helps to “boost lipid content and restore.” It smells fresh and clean, and my skin always feels great when I use it before bed, and the next morning.

REN Clean Skincare – Firm & Brighten

Beauty Fix - REN Clean Skincare - Cleanse, Moisturise and Beautify

REN Clean Skincare – Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot

*Sample Size pictured. Full size 30ml. RRP €48.00

The beauty of REN Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot is that it suits all skin types and can be used both under and over your make-up. When applying under your make-up you apply it as a couple of drops massaged into the skin under your moisturiser, to give you that smoother, tighter appearance thanks to the special ingredients of Hyaluronan 1 and 2. When applied over your make-up you gently pat it over your skin until it has absorbed to give you a fresh-faced boost through skin hydration. The Beauty Shot smells really fresh and the fact that you only need a couple of drops means that even my small sample size of 15ml will go a long way. 

REN Clean Skincare – Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift

Full size pictured at 15ml. RRP €40.00

The newest member of REN Clean Skincare’s ‘Hero’ collection of Keep Young and Beautiful, Beauty Shot Eye Lift has been created to reduce dark circles, puffiness and the appearance of fine lines. As a 36-year-old mom of one (actually he’s going to be one soon!) I welcomed this little beaut into my life with open arms. I don’t suffer from puffiness but I do suffer from dark circles and I started to notice those dreaded ‘fine lines’ a little while ago. Like the Instant Firming Beauty Shot, Eye Lift also contains Hyaluronans. However with added bio extracts of Glycine Betaine complex from Tuberose Active Shells to improve eye contour by increasing suppleness and elasticity, and Phycocolloids from Microalga plump to help hydrate the skin around the eyes, Eye Shot has your eyes covered (not literally obviously). You’ll notice an instant tightening when you apply it, unlike some other eye creams/gels, you apply this to both under the eye (your eye contour) and eyelids. As with the Firming Beauty Shot, this little beaut can be applied as per usual under your moisturiser and make-up or over your make-up throughout the day or night – perfect for an instant lift.

REN Clean Skincare is available to purchase in Department Stores, Pharmacies and Spas nationwide.

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