Beauty Fix – Yogandha Oils, Mind Body Therapy

Yogandha Oils – Mind. Body. Therapy

Quite some time ago I received a lovely invite to Yogandha’s Mojo Morning Masterclass in the private shopping suite at Harvey Nicols in Dundrum. I couldn’t go unfortunately but Sinead Duffy, the owner and inventor of Yogandha kindly sent me on a sample of Yogandha Relax Body Oil and Yogandha Balance Rollerball to try. 

 Beauty Fix - Yogandha Oils, Mind Body Therapy

With a new baby, house packing and house moving over the past few months, Sinead’s Yogandha Oil were moved about but never forgotten … and although I really could have done with some ‘relaxing’ and ‘balancing’ in my life over those months, it is only in the past week (since the New Year 2016) that I’ve given them my attention … and no better time either as my New Year’s mission is to find a healthy balance in my life which includes relaxation time.

Beauty Fix - Yogandha Oils, Mind Body Therapy

Yogandha Oils are truly original – easy to use & formulated specifically to meet the biggest needs in wellness

Launched in 2013 and growing from strength to strength, here’s Sinead’s short synopsis on Yoghanda’s history and an insight into where they are headed …

“I am an Irish Yoga teacher and made the products for my yoga students. I spent 3 years meditating and blending on what they wanted to manifest in their yoga practice & lives. 

… what came out of that process was some really deep and beautiful blends – and each is exactly what folks these days need.

We are still a TINY business … (I hand-make … my Dad does the bottling)”. Sinead Duffy

Beauty Fix - Yogandha Oils, Mind Body Therapy

Yogandha is currently stocked in Liberty of London and all eight Harvey Nicols, as well as well-known shops and health stores nationwide and in the UK. This is a huge achievement for such a small Irish business. Not only that but Yogandha also received a commendation in the 2014 ICAD awards. Passion pays off and with that mention, 5% of Yogandha’s profits go to Women for Women International. Truly inspiring.

Beauty Fix - Yogandha Oils, Mind Body Therapy

So lets get to what I think of my Yogandha Relax Body Oil (€29.95) – as I mentioned my aim this year is to find a healthy balance in my life which includes time to exercise more but also relax more. Although Yogandha Oil was invented by a Yoga Teacher and is the perfect for those who practice yoga it is also the perfect product to relax to after a long day.

My first reaction was that it smells divine (organic lavender and vetiver) and that I could wear it as a perfume. I loved it as a moisturiser after my bath the other night. My skin felt soft and the smell wasn’t overpowering when I went to bed afterwards. It was actually quite soothing, which as a loving mother to a teething baby who has decided to wake her up at 4am by standing giggling in his cot for the past week and as someone who unfortunately suffers from an overactive mind that leads to insomnia will tell you … soothing is good, actually soothing is great!

Beauty Fix - Yogandha Oils, Mind Body Therapy

As with the body oil, the Yogandha Balance Rollerball (€19.95) smells gorgeous, fresh, clean, almost with a hint of peppermint (jasmine and cypress) … again I could wear it like a perfume … well actually that’s just what I have been doing (kinda) … I use it on my pulse points; temple, neck and wrists. I’ve been keeping it at home and popping it on whenever I feel the mood takes me, literally, but it’s in such a handy bottle that I could take it out and about easily. Oh and it should last for ages.

Beauty Fix - Yogandha Oils, Mind Body Therapy

Yogandha Oil gets a big thumbs up from me. I love the fact that Yogandha is a flourishing Irish Company. I love that it was born from a passion to pass on knowledge and help improve the wellness of others. I love that the ingredients are organic and thoughtfully sourced. I love that Women for Women International is supported through it all. I love that is smells great. I love that now I smell great … relaxed and balanced.

Irish Made – Irish Loved!

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