My New Year’s Eve Three Countdown Concert Experience

NYF Dublin’s – Three Countdown Concert at the 3Arena

Last year New Year’s Eve was a very low-key affair spent with Patrick and our families as I was heavily pregnant at the time. This New Year’s Eve plans were, and I have to be honest far from my mind as Patrick and I are now parent’s to a beautiful little boy … Oh and Patrick was scheduled to work until 8pm New Year’s Eve night. We had toyed with the idea of going to see our music crush Le Galaxie at the NYF Street Fest but hadn’t done much about it, ticket-wise.

My New Year's Eve Three Countdown Concert Experience

Then I received an invite I couldn’t resist. It was an invitation to NYF Dublin’s Three Countdown at the 3Arena to see The Corona’s, Fatboy Slim, Ryan Sheridan, Kila and Little Hours. The invite included premium seated tickets for myself plus three friends, drinks at the VIP Kaleidoscope Bar and access to the VIP After Party in Bar Neon (also in the 3Arena). It was agreed that Patrick and I would invite his brother and girlfriend, sort of like a belated Christmas present and after our experience of the night, its a present they won’t forget anytime soon.

With our little son, Smith, all tucked up in his cot under the watchful eyes of his Nanny and Aunty, all four of us set off in our pre-booked taxi, reaching the 3Arena at about 9pm (doors opened at 7pm).


We collected our tickets at the 3Concierge desk and were happily guided through the crowd who were soaking up the energy from the brilliant Kila as they blasted out the last couple of songs from their set. Shown to the elevator we were escorted to the fourth floor and entered the Kaleidoscope Bar where we made use of the cloakroom and then found our reserved table. The bar is fantastic looking. After a little online research I found out it was designed by Bompas & Parr, who also designed Bar Neon where we partied later for the After Party. 

My New Year's Eve Three Countdown Concert Experience

With the concert beckoning, we finished our drinks and joined the crowd cheering on Ryan Sheridan and his band – a brilliant live act. 

My New Year's Eve Three Countdown Concert Experience

Next up was Fatboy Slim – he blew us away with his tunes and light show, and we danced our socks off, reminded of the madness of many a club night and foreign holiday … back in the day.

My New Year's Eve Three Countdown Concert Experience

The Corona’s rang in the New Year and got the crowd singing along to their many well-known chart toppers. Massive balloons filled the air, crowd surfing as they bopped along, fireworks exploded, confetti filled the arena and everyone reached for their loved ones, friends and dates for a New Year’s kiss.

My New Year's Eve Three Countdown Concert Experience

My New Year's Eve Three Countdown Concert Experience

After the show we made our way to Bar Neon, where we enjoyed a (couple of) nightcap and danced and sang to the up close and personal performance of Ryan Sheridan and his band. If you haven’t seen them live, you haven’t really heard them.

My New Year's Eve Three Countdown Concert Experience

Patrick and I left while the party was still in full swing at about 1.40am, strolling along the River Liffey arm in arm, hailing a taxi back to Patrick’s Mum’s house and our sleeping baby. 

It was a great night and a wonderful experience that I have the pleasure of telling you about … but on reflection a night similar to this isn’t exclusive to me because I’m a blogger and I’ll tell you why so you have the opportunity to try it out for yourself …

3Arena has three special bars, the Kaleidoscope Bar, Bar Neon and the 1878. The 1878 is off-limits unless you are a member (I experienced it a couple of times in the past as the Audi Club – it’s luxurious and a wonderful service (drinks waiting for you mid or after show in your reserved seats etc). The Kaleidoscope Bar is a VIP lounge, so you’ll probably need to know a VIP to drink or chill there. However as a Three customer you and three friends have the opportunity to experience Bar Neon at the next gig you attend by simply registering your details with 3Plus … and here’s the link (I’ll be using it in future).

Our Three Countdown experience was a memorable one but not only because of the music, the setting and the VIP treatment but because of the 3Arena Staff. I’m all about customer service and from the moment we collected our tickets from the 3Concierge to retrieving our coats at the end of the night, the 3MC’s were polite, friendly and happy … a great introduction to the 3Arena 3Plus Guest List for us and a great welcome into 2016.

Hope you enjoyed my review – let me know if you were there and what you thought of the night.

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