Best Beauty Buy in a While – bareMinerals BT2 Masterclass and More

bareMinerals Masterclass at BT2, Grafton Street, Dublin 2

You may remember a few weeks ago my post about trying and moving over to bareMinerals as a foundation. Well I’ve had enough time to get used to buffing and swishing my foundation, all over face colour and mineral veil to tell you that it’s still my Best Beauty Buy in a While. I have found the Full Flawless Application Brush to shed quite a bit each time I use it but it still looks healthy and works a treat so I don’t know where the little strands are coming from … and no they’re not coming from my face thank you very much.

bareMinerals Make-Under Masterclass

The look is very natural, something that did take me a wee while to get used to and I do find that if I need it to take me through to the evening I do need to reapply. This could be because I’m not buffing or blending the foundation enough in the morning or because I constantly touch my face throughout the day … hands on cheeks, face resting on hands, scarf on and off … you get the picture. 

BareMinerals Make Up Brown Thomas Dublin

Anyhoo at the end of the last post I mentioned that I attended one of the bareMinerals Master Classes. It took place in BT2 on Grafton Street. It began with a glass of bubbly, a cupcake, a chocolate and a seat to take the load off. A nice start to the weekend after a hard week’s work. The Masterclass was great. Really informative, with demonstrations and we got to sample nearly every product be it skin care or beauty on our lovely hands as we passed around product after product.

After the presentation we were all treated to a complimentary ‘Make-Under’, which went down a treat for me as I had an event to attend straight afterwards. We were all given one to one attention and application tips … blend and buff!

When we were all beautified it was time to shop! The cost of the Master Class (€15.00) was reimbursed to use on what ever product or products you fancied.

bareMinerals - The Life of Stuff

The products I bought were …

Quick Change Brush Cleaner – €12.00

bareMinerals - Quick Change Brush Cleaner

It’s brilliant and saves all the hassle if you are using the same brushes for different colours at the same time like when applying light and dark eye shadow, blusher or foundation. Of course it does not eliminate the fact that you need to shampoo your brushes regularly for hygiene reasons but it saves you looking like a banshee when colours run into each other and you don’t have time to wait for your brushes to dry.

Stroke of Light Eye Brightener – €25.00

bareMinerals Stroke of Light

I wasn’t too sure about this product as I am a fan of YSL Touch Eclat however this product is quite similar in it’s illuminating qualities but isn’t as heavy which can be helpful if you have fine lines you don’t want to exaggerate, and actually this product proclaims that it hides them. What’s also handy is that it can be used over makeup and not just under.

What I received in my goodie bag was a host of little treats including mini and full size products … (click to zoom)

Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 – Full size RRP – €24.00

I received the colour palette ‘The Inspiration‘ which consists of colours Muse and Passion – a great combination for me as I have green eyes but a colour palette that would suit most. The eyeshadow itself contains antioxidants, caffeine and cucumber which reduced aging and puffiness. Nice.

Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish – RRP – $19.00 

Funnily enough the only place I have found this product online is on the Sephora website, eBay and Amazon, hence the dollar sign. If I can order it over here in lil ol’ Ireland I will as I love the ‘Isabelle‘ shade I received and the plumping sensation you get when you apply it. Oh and it smells good too.

Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner – RRP – €16.00

I received the ‘8pm’ which is a nice deep colour and applies well, it’s quite long-lasting but I’d prefer if it smudged and blended better. Leaving this mini review on a high it is infused with minerals including Vitamin E, which is always good.

What I’d like to get my hands on are these … (click to zoooooom)

So there you have it. A review of all my first bareMinerals Masterclass and all my stuff. If you are interested in a product be it bareMinerals or not, I would highly recommend attending a Masterclass at BT2 or Brown Thomas. I found it helpful to know a little more about the product I was using, about products I planned on using and finding out about products I’d like to use. It was really nice getting to meet the professionals who the brand every day. Meet like-minded shoppers, get ‘made-up’ at the end of it all and leave with shiny new makeup to play with. I don’t know how it would have fared with a larger audience as there weren’t too many of us in attendance but I’m sure everyone would receive the same professional treatment. I’m on the hunt now for my next Masterclass … what will it be and where shall it be?

P.S. If you are interested in bareMinerals – they offer free Make-Unders in BT2 and Debenhams – always nice to know! Click here  to visit their website for more product info: 


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