Diep Le Shaker, Dublin – Celebrating 15 Years

Diep Le Shaker – 55 Pembroke Lane, Dublin 2

Diep Le Shaker Dublin

To celebrate their successful 15 years in business which all began with one man, Matt Farrell Snr’s true love for Thai food and now his children’s passion, Diep Le Shaker invited moi and a host of bloggers, press, restauranteurs and friends to an extended lunch a few weeks ago, May 1st, to launch their special seven course tasting menu. How could you turn down an invite like that? Obviously no one could and the restaurant was packed full of eager foodies. 

I had a glorious time meeting and chatting with my fellow diners and of course eating my way through most of the seven courses. I say most because unfortunately my time was cut short and I didn’t get to stay till the end. However Diep Le Shaker is high up on my list of ‘restaurants to return to’ and I want to do this very soon might I add – you know, to finish what I began. I hope I’m invited back to the next big birthday too! Mmm my stomach is rumbling at the thought of it now!

Diep Le Shaker Menu Chaun Chim

I had planned on sharing the delectable dishes as they arrived at the table but unfortunately my phone died and along with it my access to instagram, twitter and all the rest … but disappointment aside I had my trusted camera and captured a little of what the event was all about. Have a read of the menu above and note all the Irish Suppliers who are supported.

Hoi Sod

Diep Le Shaker - Hoi Sod

 Larb Pla Tu

Diep Le Shaker - Larb Pla Tu

Yum Moo Wan

Diep Le Shaker - Yum Moo Wan

 Gaeng Jud Puu

Diep Le Shaker - Gaeng Jud Puu

As you can see I missed a few courses – it was hard to drag myself away from the table and I was tempted to ask if I could have the rest delivered! 

Anyhoo ramblings aside. The food I did get to taste was delicious! Truly! and it’s no wonder they were awarded the Thai Select Premium Certification from the Thai Embassy in London. It was fresh and exciting. The Thai taste came through on every dish, perfectly seasoned, fantastic textures, great aromas. I appreciated the quality of the ingredients used and the effort with the presentation of each dish. The service was with a smile and the price of this menu and in fact their other menus and offers are really competitive so a thumbs up all round. 

For more information on Diep Le Shaker you can visit their website here www.diep.ie where you have access to not only their Diep Le Shaker offerings but also their Diep Noodle Bar locations and menu and their Diep at Home locations and menu. 

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