Best Beauty Buy in a While – The Emjoi MICRO Pedi

The Emjoi – MICRO Pedi

The Emjoi MICRO PediI have to admit that during the winter months my feet do get a little neglected. I do paint my toe nails, they’d feel naked otherwise. I might get the odd pedicure or do one myself but the minute the coldness sets in, the 200 denier tights and fluffy socks come out. I’m sure I’m not alone on this. However it’s funny how a season can change your habits. Now that the spring months are in reach, with my plan on getting back to the gym which includes the pool and with up and coming events that don’t include 200 denier tights but do include strappy heels I’m quite aware that my pumice stone hasn’t seen the light of day in a while. 

I do suffer from some hard skin on the bottom of my feet. I think it goes with the territory if you wear high-heels and part of me thinks it may be hereditary, either way it’s something I’m aware of when it’s time to get my feet out. Pumice stones can be a pain in the … arm, what with all that rubbing so with this in mind I couldn’t wait to try the newish kid on the market to make my feet silky smooth, the Micro Pedi

I nearly ripped the box open when I got it home the other day. In fact I did. I couldn’t wait to try my new gadget and hoped, with toes crossed it would work. I had a quick shower, dried off, got into my comfies and got to work. Actually there was no work. The Micro Pedi just glides across the areas of hard skin you place it over. It’s really important not to put too much force or push hard as it will stop. All you need to do is rotate it back and forth or side to side. Some parts of my feet were smooth in seconds. My more ‘problem’ areas needed a little more time. It says in the instructions not to use in the same place for more than 2-3 seconds so for more problem areas the idea is to use it daily until you’ve achieved your silky soft feet and then just use the Micro Pedi weekly to maintain them. 

micro pedi stages

These are not my feet by the way 🙂

I think Micro Pedi is a great gadget for women and men and the work needed to achieve soft, smooth feet is minimum which is definitely a plus. If you fancy trying this little miracle worker out for yourself, you can pick up The Emjoi Micro Pedi on it’s own for €39.95 from Boots, leading pharmacies nationwide and online from Watch out for the special offer on the Emjoi Micro Pedi gift set, which for €49.95 includes the device, foot cream and a manicure/pedicure set. The replacement rollers are also on offer at the moment … so it’s a great time to buy!

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