Two Cheese, Ham and Spinach Crepe

Two Cheese, Ham and Spinach Crepe Recipe

I had a real goo for a savoury crepe or should I say crêpe, can’t forget the little hat over the E, this evening. So I used an easy pancake recipe and filled it two cheeses, ham and spinach. A doddle to make and it tastes delicious.

Two Cheese Ham and Spinach Crepe

  • You follow the recipe below to make the batter and have on hand cheddar cheese, brie, baby spinach leaves and sliced ham.
  • When it comes to frying your crêpe, keep it nice and thin.
  • After flipping, add some grated cheese and a couple of thinly cut slices of brie to half of the pancake … think semicircle.
  • Next add a handful of baby spinach leaves, on top of the cheese, keeping it to the same semicircle.
  • Finally top it off with a slice or two of your favourite sliced ham
  • Flip the naked side of the crêpe over the side with all the goodies.
  • If you can, flip the whole crêpe over for some extra heat and melting power and serve.
  • I made four large crêpes from the recipe below.
  • It’s a really really tasty easy recipe!
Irish Pancake / Crepe Recipe

One cup of all-purpose flour
Two eggs
1/2 cup of milk
1/2 cup of water
1/4 teaspoon of salt
Two tablespoons of butter (melted) or one tablespoon of oil


Sift the flour, add the eggs, milk, water, butter and salt. Beat. Place in the fridge for an hour. Heat a lightly oiled pan and add a scoop of pancake mixture, brown on both sides. Serve how you like it.


*Note: You can use one cup of milk instead of 1/2 milk and 1/2 water.
*Note: To make the pancakes sweet you can add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and one tablespoon of sugar.

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