Bevvy of the Week – Festive Drink Ideas

Festive Drink Ideas

“Sometimes too much drink is bearly enough” and now with the festive season well and truly upon us, here are a few festive drink ideas to keep you merry!

For the big day start to finish.

Prosecco is great to start the day off. It’s the best selling sparkling wine in Ireland and it will not break the bank. There are two types of Prosecco, Fizzante (slighty sparkling) and Spumante (fully sparkling). The driest wines are labelled Brut and the sweeter ones labelled Extra Dry. Make sure you serve them well chilled and you can’t go far wrong. You can pick up a Fizzante for around €9 and a Spumante for around €15, nice.

Bevvy of the Week - Festive Drink Ideas for Christmas Dinner - The Life of Stuff

For the feast a Pinot Noir from Burgundy will go well. This red wine has a nice berry and jammy taste so it will go well with the bird (Turkey or Goose), you can also try a Crianza wine from Spain, and for the white you could go for a Unoaked Chardonny from the South of France. You can get these wines for under €10 each.

Now all the food is gone, well half of it anyway, it’s time to sit back have another drink and relax, and there’s no better drink to do that with, than Port. This is a great wine to chill out with. You can pick up a nice bottle of Late Bottle Vintage Port (I will talk more on Ports over the coming weeks) for around €20. This wine will have a bit of sweetness to it so it’s great after a big feed.

Roll on the festivities, roll on the booze!

Cheers, Sláinte,



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