New Homeowners – 7 Common Roof Problems To Be Aware Of

7 Common Roof Problems To Be Aware Of

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! Well let’s hope it isn’t!

A home’s basic purpose is to shelter you – and it’s the roof that does most of the sheltering. This is why it’s so important to keep an eye on your roof to make sure that it’s in good condition. There are all kinds of problems that can affect a home’s roof. Below are some of the most common roofing issues and what you should do to fix them.

New Homeowners - 7 Common Roof Problems To Be Aware Of - The Life of Stuff

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Common Roof Problems #1 Rainwater Leaks

If you notice water leaking through your roof, it’s essential that you seek out urgent repairs. This water is likely to start causing damage to your home’s interior. On top of causing damage, it could provide the perfect environment for mould growth.

Such leaks are often the result of cracks. These are most commonly found around vents, chimneys and roof edges. A lack of flashing or damaged flashing around joints could also cause cracks to emerge over time leading to leaks. Missing tiles are another cause of leaks, which leads onto the next roof problem …

Common Roof Problems #2 – Missing Tiles

Over time, roofing tiles can become loose as a result of the nails holding them down rusting and wearing away. In other cases, tiles may be ripped off by high winds. Missing tiles can make your home look less attractive and can also leave gaps open for water, wind and pests to get in.

It’s possible to replace individual tiles. However, if your roof is missing multiple tiles and others are looking worn, it may be a better investment to replace the entire roof to save frequent repairs in the future.

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Common Roof Problems #3 – Sagging Roof

A sagging roof can be caused by weak bracing/rafters or too much weight on your roof (such as heavy snow or multiple solar panels). In many cases, it can be due to a combination of the two. On top of not looking good, a sagging roof could result in water pooling in the sagged area, which could lead to leaks. Eventually, the roof may even collapse.

You can usually fix a sagging roof by installing extra bracing or replacing old rafters. A new roof may not be necessary unless it has been sagging for a while and noticeable damage has been caused.

DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that that beautiful ivy you see growing up walls of houses can actually cause significant damage to guttering, roofs and even walls if not managed and maintained – so something to think about before you let it take over!

New Homeowners - 7 Common Roof Problems To Be Aware Of - Blocked Guttering

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Common Roof Problems #4 – Blocked Guttering

Your guttering plays a vital part in helping to drain away rainwater from your roof – so that it doesn’t run down the side of your home and damage your walls and foundations. If gutters becomes blocked, it can lead to a backup of water and water may start overflowing over the sides, defeating its purpose.

It’s worth looking into gutter cleaning if you think your gutter may be clogged. Winter is a common time for blockages as a result of fallen leaves from autumn combined with snow and ice. This is a good time to inspect your guttering. It’s worth noting that guttering can get damaged from blockages – if this happens you may need to have your guttering replaced.

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Common Roof Problems #5 – Tree Damage

Storms can cause trees to fall or branches to come off, which can damage roofs in some cases. Usually, you’ll know straight away if a tree or branch has broken through your roof, although it is possible for a fallen branch or debri to cause damage to your roof without you realising.

If a tree has fallen onto your property or looks like it’s about to fall on your property, you may want to call out a tree removal service first. You can then look into repairing any damage to your roof.

New Homeowners - 7 Common Roof Problems To Be Aware Of - Animal Intruders

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Common Roof Problems #6 – Animal Intruders

Animals like birds, bats and wasps can often get into properties through cracks and holes in roofs. This is something to look out for if you don’t want animals nesting in your attic.

A pest control will be able to remove any animals. You can then seal up any entrances in your roof. Be wary that certain animals like bats may be protected – once they’re in your home, there may not be much you can do. This is why it’s good to invest in preventative maintenance and repair any openings before they can get in.

Common Roof Problems #7 – Chimney Obstructions

Chimneys and flues can get blocked by nests or tree debris. If you use your chimney or flue, such obstructions could prevent smoke from getting out and could even pose a fire risk. You’ll usually notice a blockage because smoke will come back down into your house instead of escaping.

A qualified chimney specialist will be able to remove any obstruction. You should refrain from using your chimney until the blockage has been removed.

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