10 Freelance Remote Job Ideas for Aspiring World Travellers

Freelance Remote Job Ideas for Aspiring World Travellers

Many travel bloggers say that to make a living on the road, you need to have a second job. The problem is that most regular jobs can’t be done remotely. Or simply don’t fit into your schedule while you’re travelling. If you want to keep exploring the world without giving up financial stability, consider taking up one of these sometimes considered ‘unconventional’ freelance jobs. They are perfect for digital nomads because they can be done remotely, and you can even start working on them before your next trip begins. In fact getting started before your next trip is probably the best idea!

10 Freelance Remote Job Ideas

1 – Website Tester/Bug Finder

Website testers are hired by website owners to test their websites and report any errors they come across whilst using the site. While some website testers are paid per bug they find, others are paid according to the time they spend testing. If you’re interested in doing software testing while travelling, you should have an eye for detail and be good at problem-solving. You can look for website testing jobs on websites like Upwork and PeoplePerHour.

10 Freelance Remote Job Ideas for Aspiring World Travellers - Travel Consultant

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2 – Travel Consultant

Travel consultants help vacationers plan their dream holiday. If you’re a travel expert and love to share your knowledge with others, you can make some extra cash by taking up this job. While you can find work from travel agents, you can also find work from fellow travellers looking for someone to plan their trip. Find jobs through websites like Upwork or find opportunities through travel forums.

3 – Voice Over Artist

If you have a soothing voice, make money by recording voice overs for different companies. Many companies hire voice over artists to create audio content for their websites and marketing campaigns. You can also find work creating voice overs for podcasts and e-learning courses. If you’re a good fit for this type of work, you’ll be able to decide when you work and for how long, giving you complete freedom.

4 – Brand Influencer

If you’ve been able to build an engaged audience on social media, you can make money by working as a brand influencer. Companies hire influencers to promote their products and services on social media platforms. If you’re interested in working as a brand influencer, you should be able to create engaging content, understand your audience and know what makes them tick. You can find brand influencer jobs on websites like BrandBacker and FameBit.

10 Freelance Remote Job Ideas for Aspiring World Travellers - Virtual Assistant

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5 – Virtual Assistant

If you have good communication skills, work as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants work remotely for companies by completing administrative tasks such as email management, travel arrangements, scheduling, etc. If you’re interested in this type of work, you’ll need to have effective communication skills and be able to multitask. Find virtual assistant jobs on Upwork or Virtual Staff Finder.

6 – Data Entry And Excel Expert

Business success comes down to a lot of research and getting a handle on your finances. So if you deal with numbers often, data entry might be perfect. Companies hire data entry and excel experts to extract information from different sources and enter them into a data table or spreadsheet. You can find data entry and excel job opportunities on websites like PeoplePerHour and Upwork.

10 Freelance Remote Job Ideas for Aspiring World Travellers - Content Writer

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7 – Content Writing

Content writers are needed by companies to create content for their blogs, websites, social media, and e-commerce pages. If you’re a good writer and can find the right keywords for your audience, make some extra cash by becoming a content writer. You can find content writer job opportunities on websites like Contentlance, PeoplePerHour, and Upwork.

8 – Online Teaching

If you’re an expert in a field and can create engaging content, make money online by becoming an online teacher on platforms like Tutor.com, Udemy, and Skillshare. You can teach almost anything, including programming, art, digital marketing, yoga, and more. But, of course, your earnings will depend on how many students you have and how many hours you teach them.

9 – Graphic Design And Illustration

If you’re a good designer, you can make extra cash by designing logos, social media posts, ads, websites, and more. You can also create illustrations and sell them to different companies. In actual fact you could create your own website and offer your services to businesses. However, remember that you’ll have to charge a higher rate for your services than when you find work through other websites. This type of freelance work might need you to form a company. One tip is to form a limited company and keep your home address private, so you don’t need to worry about privacy breaches, even on the road.

10 – Transcription

Surprisingly, you can make a living on the road by transcribing audio content. Companies hire transcriptionists to convert podcasts, interviews, videos, audio, and more into written content. This work is perfect if you have a good typing speed, listening skills and an eye for detail.

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