Tip on How to Create an Engaging Fan Website

What is a Fan Website or Fansite?

A Fan Website or Fansite is:

a website dedicated to a particular person or subject and run by a fan or fans of the person or subject.


For people who live with passion, interests are a lifestyle. They’re not just something that you dip in and out of from time to time. You eat, sleep, and breathe the interest! And in this digital age, one of the best ways to share your passion with the world is by running a website. Though there are plenty of social media groups, profiles, and so forth, they can’t boast the level of attention and detail that a well-run fan website can offer.

Tip on How to Create an Engaging Fan Website - The Life of Stuff

If that sounds appealing to you, then read on. In this article, we’ll run through everything you need to know about creating an engaging fan website.

How to Create an Engaging Fan Website #1 – All the Latest News

You won’t be able to call yourself a true fan website if you’re missing out on the latest news! When you decide to create a fan website, you’ll be committing to not only staying up to date with all that’s going on but taking the time to put it on your website. It’ll be impossible to build credibility in the eyes of others if you’re missing some big moments and key details. To make sure you never miss anything, it’s a good idea to set up a Google search alert. As soon as anything noteworthy happens, you’ll know about it!

How to Create an Engaging Fan Website #2 – Good Design and Reliability

It doesn’t matter what type of website you have: all sites must have the basics in order if they’re going to be successful. The two main components are good design and reliability. If one or the other is missing, then you’ll struggle to find success!

For design, and if you can afford it, it’s best to outsource the task to a professional company – unless you’re completely sure that you know how to do it yourself or are willing to spend the time learning.

Tip on How to Create an Engaging Fan Website or Fansite

For reliability, it’s about ensuring uptime and speed. If you have issues with uptime, then look at getting a cheap vps server; that’ll ensure that you’re online more or less all the time. You can speed up your site by reducing the size of your website’s files and minimizing HTTP requests.

How to Create an Engaging Fan Website #3 – Going the Extra Mile

We mentioned earlier that you should have all the essential news and so forth on your website. But it’s also important to remember that that’ll be information that people can get in many places. If you want to make your site stand out from the crowd, then you’ll need to find ways to go the extra mile. Could you share some lesser-known facts, conduct interviews, or just all around produce some content that people won’t be able to get anywhere other than your site?

How to Create an Engaging Fan Website #4 – Continue To Improve

Finally, remember that you should always have one eye on improvement. Most fans sites begin just because someone wants to share their interest with the world. But over time, it can grow and develop into something bigger and more important.

Tip on How to Create an Engaging Fan Website - The Life of Stuff

If you can see that people seem to engage with your site, then look at ways of making things better and better. You never know what it might lead to or how big your website might become!

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