Drop Chef – Smart and Healthy Dinners – My Review

Drop Chef – The Smartest Way to Cook a Healthy Dinner

Readers and followers of The Life of Stuff will know by now that I’m a foodie food lover. Nothing tickles my tonsils more or gets my tongue wagging than my latest foodie find or experience. I’m big on spreading the word on new businesses and enterprises too, and feel it’s very important to show you care by supporting charity when you can so when I was asked if I’d like to trial Drop Chef who combine all three of these very important factors, I was all ears to know more, all heart to support … and my cooker was ready for some cooking!

Readers of The Life of Stuff who follow on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram already got a glimpse of my Drop Chef experience through my photo’s when I shared some of my culinary delights. For those who missed them here they are …

How Drop Chef Works:

Set up and run by three very hardworking and foodie fanatic childhood friends, Sam O’Byrne, Roman Grogan and Ryan Scott, Drop Chef is literally the ‘smartest way to cook a healthy dinner’ and ordering is easy … no need for a ‘Drop Chef for Dummies’ version here …

You just go online to dropchef.com and check out the weekly menu (it changes every week) – if what tickles your taste buds, which it most likely will –  you sign-up by entering your email address and decide on which plan you’d like to go with; One Person Plan, Two Person Plan or Family Plan. If you plan on cooking for more people than offered in these plans just drop Drop Chef a line and that can be organised too. Delivery is free to all Dublin addresses and if you work in Dublin and live outside of it, you can just get your meals delivered to your work address as everything is boxed up and all the cold foods including meats are packed in special cool boxes to keep them cold and fresh until you get home that evening. I chose the Two Person Plan which included three meals for Patrick and I to cook and enjoy and that we did …

Drop Chef - Smart and Healthy Dinners - My Review

My Drop Chef Experience 

The whole experience was an enjoyable one, smooth running, tasty and healthy. As mentioned our meals were delivered for free. The Drop Chef box delivered contained all the ingredients I needed for three delicious meals for Patrick and I, that’s three each. All I needed to add was seasoning (salt and pepper) and cooking oil (I used Olive Oil). The ingredients packed were of the highest quality. The recipes were very easy to follow and all the ingredients were colour coded with stickers to match each recipe.

The Meals that I cooked were

  • Fennel Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes, Pine Nuts and Pesto Pasta
  • Stir-fried Steak with Kale
  • Warm Chicken Salad, Mango, Quinoa and Red Curry Dressing

Here is my Fennel Chicken with Fresh Tomatoes, Pine Nuts and Pesto Pasta story in photo’s …


As well as cooking and feeding yourself and possibly your family and friends, when you order your meals from Drop Chef you are also helping to feed those less fortunate because Drop Chef is partnered with Valid Nutrition. To put this simply for every meal YOU cook with Drop Chef, Drop Chef will donate a meal to a child in need. Amazing – and with that knowledge your meals will taste even better!

Valid Nutrition is a social enterprise and charity whose mission is to pioneer sustainable and innovative change in the way malnutrition is addressed globally. Valid Nutrition develops and manufactures a range of highly nutritious foods exclusively in developing countries. These “Ready–to-Use Therapeutic Foods”(RUTFs) are highly fortified oil-based pastes, containing a mix of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and 26 different nutrients, designed to both treat and prevent severe acute malnutrition. (dropchef.com)

Drop Chef - Smart and Healthy Dinners - My Review

image source – Drop Chef

Would I recommend Drop Chef?

Yes, completely.

The ingredients were high quality and lasted all week. The recipe’s were easy to follow so perfect for those who are only getting to know the kitchen, those who are entertaining, those who find themselves relying on the local takeaway much too often because they haven’t had time to shop or those who just want to explore the art of healthy cooking. You also get to keep the recipes so you can always try them out again. The dishes were delicious and healthy – Patrick questioned why I didn’t cook like that all the time. Thanks Patrick. The fact that you are helping to feed a child is heart warming. Adding these positives together makes the packages very good value so I can’t see what’s not to love about it but I’ll break it down for you – Tasty dishes, healthy ingredients, free delivery, great value and feeding a child in need! What’s not to love?

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