Bevvy of the Week – Midori Lemonade

Midori Lemonade

Bevvy of the Week - Midori Lemonade

One of my favourite things to do on a summer’s afternoon is try my hand at mixing up a few cocktails. Some have turned out extremely well, others not so much. So that’s the reason I like to keep it nice and simple; one type of alcohol and a few other bits thrown in for good measure.

Here is one of my favourite drinks to mix up on a sunny afternoon. The drink is called Midori Lemonade and it couldn’t be simpler to mix up.

So here is what you need –

  • One bottle of Midori melon liqueur. 
  • A bottle or two of lemon and lime soda
  • A couple of lemons and limes for garnish 

The great thing about these kind of drinks is that you can make them to whatever suits your taste. So if you like it with a bit kick add a bit more Midori and visa versa. One thing I will say is have plenty of ice on hand.

Now all you need is the sun.

Enjoy, Sláinte


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