Embrace Spring With These Cooking Tips From World Kitchen

Embrace Spring With ‘World Kitchen’ Cooking Tips

With all this wonderful spring weather coming our way it feels as if we have finally waved goodbye to winter. This means we can expect some beautiful sunsets, amazing sky lines and even some seasonal foods for us to enjoy. This spring, as you embrace all the amazing food that is in season World Kitchen have put together just a few cooking tips. These are designed to help you find the best products, cook some amazing meals and enjoy them with your family and friends:

Embrace Spring With These Cooking Tips From World Kitchen


Take Care When Buying Your Spring Meat

Lamb, salmon and many other meats are considered to be at best quality during spring. This is not only because of the seasonal weather but also the months of new offspring being produced making finding the perfect piece of meat much easier.

Lamb is a great option for any warm spring roast or dish. If you are deciding to cook with lamb make sure that when you buy it it is pink in colour and the fat, if any, is snowy white. This means it has been well reared and won’t be tough or chewy.

Salmon is a perfect spring seasonal ingredient as well as lamb because of its fresh flavours and bold colour. When choosing salmon make sure it looks fresh meaning it is bright in colour and healthy looking.

Embrace Spring With These Cooking Tips From World Kitchen


Set The Table And Eat Together

With everyone rushing around at work or at school each day it is nice for a family to sit together and enjoy a meal.

Setting the table with flowers, Corelle dinner sets and napkins can make your whole meal more inviting. This can help if you and the kids are trying to eat a healthier diet because the meals look more exciting served on bright, bold and stylish dinnerware.

Choose from a range of different designs, patterns and prints to make sure you get the most perfect dinner sets for you and your home.

Try adding candles for a more intimate table setting but keep them away from the kids.

Cut Back On The Salad Dressing

Winter vegetables are normally roasted or served with a heavy dressing to combat the tart taste. However, spring and summer vegetables are fresh, light and already full of flavour. This means you don’t need to drown them in a thick dressing when serving them.

Instead opt for a light vinaigrette which will be enough to make sure you get the perfect plate of fresh vegetables or salad.

Remember Not To Overcook Your Food

Winter is full of casseroles, slow roasted meats and slow cookers always simmering away. The dishes we create are left to stew for hours to make sure the meat is tender and rich.

In the spring however we do not want to be overcooking our food. This season is all about fresh dishes which really bring out the spring flavours without tasting over done or burnt. With lamb and salmon that has been reared well and produced ready for the season they don’t need to be cooked as long as meat in winter stews.

Enjoy a range of spring dishes, fantastic ingredients and great company this spring!

Written by David Milsont. David is an avid writer who loves to write on lifestyle, health, fashion, travel and more. 


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