Fashion Fix – 4 Types of Essential Spring Shoes

Essential Spring Shoes

As temperatures continue to warm and with spring just around the corner, now more than ever is the most important time to invest in some great footwear for the warmer months. The hard part is behind us and we no longer have to worry about getting out of bed, dealing with snow, or wearing an infinite number of layers. In summer the choice is way easier. You don’t have to worry about your ankles freezing off so deciding what shoes to wear is a way less complicated affair. Below we’re going to look at a number of essential spring shoes that you should have inside your wardrobe this March or April.

Fashion Fix - 4 Types of Essential Spring Shoes - sneakers

Photo by: Elizabeth French

1 – Sneakers

Come rain, shine, or even snow, it’s hard to deny the power of a good pair of sneakers. If you invest in quality materials and craftsmanship, there’s no reason why, if worn appropriately for the right weather, that the right pair of sneakers shouldn’t last you for years to come. Sneakers also have the added benefit of looking fantastic, and generally going with any outfit.

Now the range of sneakers available has become truly overwhelming since the sneaker boom in the 1980s, so it can be easy to get a bit flustered by all of the choices out there. A good starting point is simply to opt for a pair that matches your available outfits or invest in a few pairs of tried and true classics. Converse All-Stars, Nike Jordans, and Vans Originals are all go-tos if you’re understandably wary about venturing into unknown sneaker territory.

Fashion Fix - 4 Types of Essential Spring Shoes - ankle boots

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2 – Ankle Boots

If you’re worried that sneakers won’t have you covered as much as you would like, then you can’t go wrong with a snug pair of ankle boots. Designed to look chic and paired with slightly more elegant outfits, a good pair of ankle boots will not only keep the lower part of your legs warm but add a fantastic dash of style to whatever you decide to wear it with. We could go on forever, but if you want to truly narrow down the list of viable contenders to the best boots on the market, then check out this article by the NY Mag.

Fashion Fix - 4 Types of Essential Spring Shoes - wellies

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3 – Wellies

If you live in a wet country in Europe, out in the country, or just want to make sure that you stay absolutely dry then you absolutely need to invest in a pair of Wellies. Created to not only be waterproof, but these boots are also a great addition to any outfit. Able to be worn with just about anything and produced in lengths ranging from the ankle all the way to the knee, finding a pair of Wellies that suits you is pretty easy. If you’re stuck on where to look, a good starting place is Zalando, which has an extensive range of Wellies in a number of different styles and price ranges.

Fashion Fix - 4 Types of Essential Spring Shoes - the classic pumpphoto by: Alexandra Maria

4 – The Classic Pump

A pair of nude pumps are the ideal footwear of choice for chic outfits. Wear them with a shirt and a pair of jeans for a more casual look or a pencil skirt and blouse for something more elegant. If you’re going out on the town, then you can even wear them with a pair of mom or skinny jeans. They’re a great universal shoe for every wardrobe.

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