Fashion Fix – Mens Jewellery Summer 2014

Men’s Jewellery Summer 2014

The only jewellery Patrick wears is his wedding ring. He loves watches and has a few to choose from but when it comes to jewellery, be it chains, bracelets or rings, he just isn’t interested. He’ll wear cufflinks when the need arises, which to be honest is seldom and you know what? I’ve absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. However that said, I tend to like some men’s jewellery and think that the ‘right’ style of jewellery can even complete a man’s outfit. Most pieces of jewellery I’ve come across for ‘men’ would actually comfortably suit ‘women’ too and when I think about it, there is no defining of what men’s jewellery should look like. 

For this post I’ve had a look around and pulled together some of my top jewellery choices for men. I haven’t included any rings as I’m not a fan of rings on men unless they are wedding rings or are very extravegant rings, worn by very essentric gentlemen. I have included a selection of jewellery that range from inexpensive to expensive, Irish and UK based designers and UK and American based online stores. Everything can be delivered to Ireland. Enjoy!

Fashion Fix - Mens Jewellery Summer 2014

Men’s Jewellery Summer 2014 

Hermano Bracelet
€175.03 – JewelleryMuuch –

Skinny Railroad Spike Cuff
€40.00 –

Le Gramme Matte Sterling Silver Cuff Set of 3
€990.00 –

Alexander McQueen Skull Metal Cuff
€240.00 –

Steel Chainmaille Bracelet Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet
€32.41 – VictoriaxSol –

Chainmaille Bracelet in Black Gold and Dark Silver Byzantine Weave
€25.93 – Terranovajewels –

Chainmaille Bracelet in Black and Silver Kingscale Weave
€23.34 – Terranovajewels –
Fashion Fix - Mens Jewellery Summer 2014
Men’s Jewellery Summer 2014

MIANSAI bracelet
€165.00 –

Vintage Watch Movement Cufflinks
€39.99 –

Alexander McQueen Leather Wrap Bracelet with Skull
€180.00 –

Links of London Mens Grey Layered Friendship Bracelet Ruthenium
€245.00 –

Men’s Border Collie cufflinks- In black acrylic
€15.10 –  AthinaLarios –

Elegant leather and waxcord men’s bracelet
€9.02 – Amarese –

Leather and waxcord men’s bracelet
€9.02 – Amarese –

Fashion Fix - Mens Jewellery Summer 2014

Fashion Fix – Mens Jewellery Summer 2014

Large Anchor Necklace
€415.00 –

Embedded Safety Pin Necklace
€140.00 –

Vivienne Westwood Nautical Dog Tag Necklace
€169.01 –

Wishbone Necklace
€100.00 –

Lovebullets Double Drop Necklace
€29.00 –

Icon Brand Guitar Pick Sticks Necklace
€18.00 –

Personalized Sterling Silver Monogram Mars Charm Necklace
€17.74 – HandStampedbyJoanna –

Paloma’s Caliper Pendant
€420.00 –


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