Bevvy of the Week – Lazy Jacks Cider

Lazy Jacks Cider

Bevvy of the Week - Lazy Jacks Cider


While at the Taste of Dublin recently I came across a great new cider called Lazy Jacks.

Myself and my Wife were wondering around the stalls, seeing what was on offer. Well, my wife may have thought we were just wondering around but I was looking for the Crabbie’s Ginger Beer stall. I love that stuff. We found it and the Crabbie’s was lovely and refreshing especially as it was a scorcher of an evening.

While at the stand I noticed another bottled drink, the Lazy Jacks Cider, and after talking to one of the reps there, I found out that the owners of the Crabbies brand where just about to launch Lazy Jacks Cider here in Ireland. Of course I had to try it, it being a cider and also being pre-launch.

I loved it. It’s a cloudy cider with loads of flavour. It starts off sweet but ends in a crisp dryness. It comes on a 355ml bottle and is 4.7%

It’s now available in the Off Licence’s and I wouldn’t say you will have to look hard for it.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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