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Sunglasses and Face Shapes – What’s the right shape?


I always thought my face shape to be quite round but when I read a little more into it, it’s more than likely oval. There are about eight different face shapes apparently. Round, Diamond, Heart, Rectangle, Oblong, Pear, Oval and Inverted Triangle … mind boggling right? Well I found this great infographic online on a website called The Beauty Department on how to work out which shape your face is. Handy right?

Face Shape Infographic

So why am I blogging about Sunglasses and Face Shapes, well it’s really down to my future better half. It’s summertime and he needs to get himself a proper pair of sunglasses. He’s looking for a pair that suit him. Simples. He doesn’t want to spend too much and I am of the same mind but I also think that it is important to protect your eyes if you are going to be basking in the sun and you will only get this kind of eye protection from a good UV protected pair of glasses (I’ve also read that you should look for light reduction in sunglasses of up to 80%, that darker tinted glasses are better and that plastic is better than glass). Don’t get me wrong, I remember it was fun to keep up with eyewear trends and buy the latest High Street fads for about €20. I still have some which are handy for gigs and festivals when I don’t want to risk my ‘good’ ones getting lost or stolen. However I just don’t bother with cheaper glasses on a daily basis or when I plan on being in the sun for an extended period of time. I’ve been like this for the past five or so years. I have a couple of pairs of ‘good’ glasses that I switch between … it’s not exactly a collection but I’ll get there. It probably would have been the beginning of a collection only my favourite Jackie Ohh Rayban sunglasses, which are impossible to find here in Ireland, went ‘missing’ last year at a festival (I didn’t bring the cheap ones … doh!) and my funky pink Juicy Couture ones vanished off the face of the earth and are now locked in a ‘lost forever’ zone with keys, phones, odd socks and the likes. Anyhoo, I’m not saying I’ve spent ridiculous money on my sunglasses but the majority have been over €100, which is costly enough to me. Sure I only wish I was loaded! The ones that I wear and switch between now are my green DKNY Sunglasses which are rectanglar in shape and my Oakley Jackie O style Backhand ones that are, well, Jackie O in shape. This Jackie O style is my favourite shape as I feel it suits me most. I’m comfortable in it. So I’m happy.

… but getting back to Face Shapes. After doing some online research I have found the following information which may help you and which should help my beau make a decision on his latest pair of sunnies. Oh and check out this helpful illustration from the Shave Your Style website … just in case you didn’t know what an inverted triangle shaped face looks like … I didn’t but I do now!

Eight Face Shapes

Round Face Shape – suits wider frames with angular / rectangular styles for both men and women

Diamond Face Shape – suits oval or square shaped frames for both men and women

Heart Face Shape – suits rounded shaped frames for men, round or cat-eye shaped frames for women

Rectangle Face Shape – suits rounded shaped frames for men, round, oval or cat-eye shaped frames for women

Oblong Face Shape – suits round and square frames for men, wrap around or oversized for women

Pear Face Shape – suits rectangular and semi rimmed shape for both men and women, cat-eye shaped frames for women

Oval Face Shape – suits any frame shape (lucky me!)

Inverted Triangle Face Shape – suits rimless bottomed shapes for both men and women


To round off this post I thought it only fitting to include some of my top online picks. Some for the women and some for the men … Enjoy!


Womens Sunglasses 2013

Women’s Sunglasses 2013 

Michael Kors plastic sunglasses
€132.55 –

Carrera mirror sunglasses
€112.67 –






Mens Sunglasses 2013

Mens Sunglasses 

Carrera 6008 Vintage Round Sunglasses
€157.73 –

Dolce & Gabbana Aviator Sunglasses
€156.41 –

€159 –

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
€154 –

Police Black faceted D-frame polarised sunglasses- at
€144 –

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  1. Oval face shape piping in here. As a guy I can relate to walking into that sunglass store in the mall with hundreds of styles to choose from. Your guide really helps narrows it down to 1-2 styles that are almost guaranteed to look great on you. On top of your face shape a quick rule is to pick sunglasses that contrast with your face shape. i.e. square = round sunglass style.

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