Beauty Fix – How to Contour Your Nose – 5 Top Tips

How to Contour Your Nose

Contouring has been big for the last few years, and there are so many different styles too. An intense contour that can make your nose look a completely different shape – almost like you’d had rhinoplasty, to the softer contours that gently naturally shape the nose.

Before you grab your darks, lights and highlighting makeup, here are a few things you should know.

Beauty Fix - How To Contour Your Nose - 5 Top Tips - The Life of Stuff - Top Tips

What Does Contouring Do?

The nose is such a prominent facial feature that many people want to make it look a certain way. Contouring pulls in the most pronounced features of the nose and makes it look more snatched.

In short, contouring the nose – or other areas of the face changes how the light looks and changes the shape.

How to Contour Your Nose – 5 Top Tips

1 – Contouring Products

While you can practice with bronzer and maybe see some beauty influencers using it, bronzers are typically on the warmer side of things. This means they don’t always look like a shadow depending on the skin tone and the undertones they are on.

For some people, brow products can work since they are usually slightly greyer and read more like a natural shadow.

Cool-toned and neutral bronzers can work wonderfully, and the optimal shade would be two shades deeper than your skin tone.

Often, makeup artists recommend avoiding using creams until you have a lot of experience, as they can look muddy when you start working with them.

Beauty Fix - How To Contour Your Nose - The Life of Stuff - 5 Top Tips

2 – Dotting It Up

Instead of following the trend of drawing solid lines down either side of the bridge of the nose, try a series of dots. The dots allow for less product to be used and will blend more lightly, giving a more natural shadow.

You blend the dots vertically, just like you would a solid line. For an ultra-cinched-in look, go as high as possible to the bridge of the nose, just below the inner brow.

Using a fluffy brush, you can make sure none of the lines appears too dark.

3 – Nose Tip

The tip of the nose can be a delicate operation – you can make the tip of the nose look more sculpted and add just a little bit of contour to the sides. If you like the button nose effect, you don’t need to draw a circle; instead, you can lightly bring the product across the bridge just above the tip of the nose and where you might naturally have some shadowing.

To make sure the lines aren’t too dark, a translucent powder will help to diffuse them.

Beauty Fix - How To Contour Your Nose - The Life of Stuff - 5 Top Makeup Tips - The Life of Stuff

4 – Nose Last

It is a good idea to contour the nose after contouring the rest of the face so you can gauge how much product to use. If the rest of the face is relatively light, then a highly contoured nose will stand out more.

5 – Highlighter

The final step, once you have the nose sculpted with the darker products, is to run a dusting of highlighter down the bridge of the nose. This lifts the bridge up and helps to create the contracts between the face’s light points and dark points.

The best way to achieve a natural sculpt is to practice as much as possible, and then once you create the look you want – take a photo. Use it for reference and then perfect that look.

Matching your style to your makeup is art too, here are some tips to help: Match Your Beauty Choices To Your Style Perfectly

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Beauty Fix How To Contour Your Nose 5 Top Tips The Life of Stuff

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