4 Helpful Tips on How to Make Time for Your Hobbies 

How to Make Time for Your Hobbies 

Finding a hobby is a common way for people to enjoy themselves in an often-busy life. From travelling the world to learning to cook new foods, hobbies for fun or fun hobbies that actually make you healthier.

Finding a hobby that interests you often isn’t the issue, however. What is the issue, and what many people struggle with, is finding the time to do their hobbies.

If this is something you feel affects you, here are a few helpful ideas on how to make time for your hobbies, and enjoy your life to the maximum.

4 Helpful Tips on How to Make Time for Your Hobbies - Create a space for your hobby

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4 Helpful Tips on How to Make Time for Your Hobbies

#1 Create a Space for Your Hobby

A lot of hobbies don’t even require us to leave the comfort of our own homes, and something that might be stopping you from doing whatever it is that you enjoy is not having the right space for it.

Often indoor hobbies require a work desk surface, but instead of opting for a boring standard desk, why not invest in something more creative like hairpin tables to give the room a bit of extra flare? Creating an inviting space that enables you the room to do your hobby, is great motivation. 

4 Helpful Tips on How to Make Time for Your Hobbies - Plan it into your schedule

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#2 Plan it into Your Schedule

A lot of people work with a routine, and if something doesn’t fit or isn’t properly planned into the routine it can be forgotten or swept aside and ignored.

So, if you feel like this applies to you then it might be worth actively planning time to spend on your hobby into your day or week depending on how frequently you want to spend time on the activity. This might seem tricky at first, but humans are creatures of habit and after a few weeks of planning your hobby into your schedule, it will become just another habit and you won’t even have to think about planning it anymore.

4 Helpful Tips on How to Make Time for Your Hobbies - Invite a friend to join you

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#3 Invite a Friend to Join you

Sometimes you might find yourself with a lack of motivation or energy to do the activity you had planned. This could be for a variety of reasons such as a long day at work, a bad mood, just not feeling like it, or even just laziness.

A great way to combat this, motivate yourself and hold yourself accountable without feeling like you are forcing yourself to do it, is by finding a friend to join you. This way you have someone to bounce off and to help you when you are struggling with those low motivation days.

Did you know? According to a recent study highlighted in the NY Times ‘having too much idle time makes us just as unhappy as not having enough free time’

4 Helpful Tips on How to Make Time for Your Hobbies - Have more than one hobby

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#4 Have More than one Hobby

If you have a selection of hobbies that you enjoy, you are more likely to make time for them. Yes, it can sometimes feel overwhelming when there is so much that you have to do and so much that you want to do. But with the right planning – this can also motivate you to put some time aside to enjoy the more enjoyable things in life.


It opens more opportunities for you as some hobbies might only take short periods of time to enjoy, and you can easily fit them into a schedule, even a busy one. It also makes it easier if each hobby takes a different length of time and dedication to complete, which means you can always find something to slot in, whether it’s two hours or 10 minutes. 

And if one of your main hobbies becomes a passion and then a business, by having more than one hobby, you’ll still have a way to wind down and chill out.

Taking time to enjoy life is important and you should always make time for yourself and the things you love to do. So, if you struggle with making time for your hobbies why not try one of these examples?

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