IKEA, Live LAGOM, my New Sustainable Lifestyle – The Start

Live LAGOM – Ikea’s Sustainable Living Project

‘Lagom comes from the Swedish phrase “Lagom är bäst” (the right amount is best), which we believe is the secret to sustainable living. Not denying yourself what you love, while not taking from the planet more than you need.’ (Ikea)

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IKEA, Live LAGOM, My New Sustainable Lifestyle - The Start

The Live LAGOM Workshop – November 2015

On Monday November 16th, Patrick and I attended the The Live LAGOM Workshop at the Ikea Dublin store. It was behind the scenes in one of their boardrooms and as well as a tasty spread of Ikea treats, there was also a tasty spread of Ikea products on display, which we later learned were ‘Hidden Gems’. We met our fellow Live LAGOMers, a great bunch of participants. We also met our Live LAGOM Leader and guru Sarah, who shared her knowledge and set us all straight on what we needed to do to begin our Live LAGOM story. She also explained what our journey with Ikea would entail. We received our Live LAGOM pack which included everything we needed to help us decide what we were going to focus on. 

Living LAGOM means saving money, energy and water, reducing waste and living healthier


We were advised to pick one area to focus on and then build on the other areas. Rome wasn’t built-in a day and neither would our LAGOM. As first time home owners to what was actually quite an old house, our work was going to be cut out for us. For us it wasn’t just about making small changes that will help the planet, reduce our bills and make home life better, it was going to be the ‘start as a means to go on’. We were going to start from scratch with redecorating, focusing on the Live LAGOM motto as we did.

IKEA, Live LAGOM, my New Sustainable Lifestyle - The Start

Our decision of concentrating on ‘Energy‘ was made and we already had bright ideas on how we were going to achieve it. We didn’t choose ‘Food Waste‘ as we felt it wasn’t an issue in our household but we did make a pact to be more mindful of it and our recycling habit. We didn’t choose ‘Grow Your Own‘ as the major focus, but because we’re both foodies and because it is something I’ve been excited about for a long time, we agreed that we would definitely be growing our own both inside the house and out in our garden … I can’t wait! 

IKEA, Live LAGOM, My New Sustainable Lifestyle - The Start

To help us on our Live LAGOM way we would receive €650 towards our new way of living. This voucher was to be spent on Ikea products that encouraged a sustainable way of living and with our exclusive Hidden Gem catalogue in hand there was no way we were going to fail at making that shopping list.

I left that workshop feeling interested, excited and inspired … 

‘Measure what you care about … don’t wait to change … Sustainability isn’t about compromise … Affordable for many not a luxury for the few …’

… but not only because of Ikea’s Sarah, Gráinne and Charlie who spoke to us that night but because of this video of Ikea’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Stephen Howard, a sustainability leader and the first and only person to represent a retailer and speak at a TED Talks (that says something in itself) …

The Home Visit – November 2015

As part of the Live LAGOM support we received a home visit. Ours took place on Monday November 23rd and was from Sarah (our Live LAGOM Leader) and India from Hubbub. It started like all meetings should, and that is with coffee and scones.

With the clock ticking towards Smith’s bedtime, Patrick took those reins while I chatted and talked with Sarah and India about the project, our home and our focus area(s). Questions were asked and answered and as a very enjoyable evening of Live LAGOM liaising came to an end, it was clear in my mind and theirs that Patrick and my focus area of Energy was right for us and our home.

The Personal Shopping Trip – December 2015

On December 7th Patrick and I joined Sarah in Ikea Dublin for our personal shopping trip. Our shopping list had already been compiled one night over a glass of wine when Smith was safely tucked into bed.

We decided that the rooms to focus on were the Living Room, Smith’s Room and our Hallway. Energy includes lighting and new LED lighting would be put in place throughout the whole house. Energy also includes heating and we would focus on the aforementioned rooms with regard to this. We chose rugs for both the Living Room and Smith’s Room. Rugs help to insulate a room. We chose curtains for each room and cellular blinds for the living room. Black-out blinds were chosen for Smith’s Room as they are child friendly and will help with his daytime naps. Ceiling lighting was also chosen for the Living Room and Smith’s Room. Table and Floor lamps were chosen for the Living Room. We chose a LADDA battery charger and rechargeable batteries, for Smith’s toys. Did you know that a LADDA rechargeable battery can be charged up to 500 times?! We also chose a timer switch and a three-way socket with built-in USB ports. We went over budget but it was expected –  after all – we only moved into our home a couple of months ago … and honestly there will, most likely be many more trips like that before June is out … unfortunately we won’t have the personal shopping treatment then! 

Shopping List Received – January 2015

IKEA, Live LAGOM, My New Sustainable Lifestyle - The Start

Spot the difference?

After a thorough inspection by Smith, it was agreed that we would begin living LAGOM immediately by starting with his room. He demanded a full makeover and we concurred … this part of my Live LAGOM is ‘to be continued …’ so be sure to return to the blog for my next update.

In the meantime why don’t you take a minute to reevaluate your own home. Are you living LAGOM to its full potential? What changes can you make to make a difference? Will these changes save you money, save on energy and water, reduce your waste and help you on a path to healthier living?

For me and my household, this year 2016 is going to be a year about BALANCE. I want to find that happy medium for a happier lifestyle. Balance our work hours, balance our play hours, balance our health through food and exercise, balance our savings and spendings …  and ultimately Live LAGOM.

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