A Family Day Out at Cool Planet Experience, Powerscourt House, Wicklow

Cool Planet Experience, Powerscourt House, Wicklow

Last week my family and I were invited to Cool Planet Experience at Powerscourt House in Enniskerry, Wicklow. We took the 60 minute Cool Planet tour, and partook in a 50 minute Mini-Greenhouse Workshop for Kids.

Cool Planet Experience is the world’s first interactive climate action experience. It’s aimed at those who want to learn about climate change and action in a fun way. For children and adults alike. Typically it’s targeted for children from about seven years old but our two boys who are aged two and four enjoyed every minute. And since visiting, Smith, our four year old and I have had a number of conversations about the things we do to help the environment. Our carbon footprints. And the things that can be done to change the world for the better.

The Mini-Greenhouse workshop which is aimed at 3-12 year olds featured story time and a creative grow your own ‘tiny seed’ experience that you got to take home. And even at two years old, Cassidy was willing and able to participate in the experience.


My Carbon Footprint

I’m no stranger to sustainable living. The phrase ‘waste not want not’ was a popular saying, as my mother taught us the value of not being wasteful. Throughout my childhood, at different stages my Dad kept chickens for eggs, and he grew all our vegetables. Fantastically fresh and organic. When I was thirteen I set up a Fair Trade stand at lunchtime in the gym hall. From what I recall, it was only for one day. But it was the first the school had seen, perhaps the last. It may well have been one of the first our town had ever known. And so a sustainable and fair living ethos has always been with me. And I’ve supported it by means of my writing too – encouraging sustainable living, home-grown eating, sustainable fashion and healthy living in the articles I write and the businesses I shine a light on.

But it wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I took sustainable living more seriously. Continually aiming to reduce our household’s carbon footprint. Because as Environmental Activist Wendell Berry put it in 1971 “a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.” In other words:

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children

It’s a good thing my calculated carbon footprint at Cool Planet Experience was below the average Irish person’s. Because I think I would have been disappointed had it not been!

Our Cool Planet Experience in Photo’s


Cool Planet Experience costs €9.50 per adult and €5.50 per child over seven years old. There are also special price tickets available for student’s, OAP’s, and a Family Ticket option.