Barefoot Bohemian from Eight Degrees Brewing

This weeks Bevvy of the Week is an Irish brew called Barefoot Bohemian from Eight Degrees Brewing.

Bevvy of the Week - Eight Degrees Brewing, Barefoot Bohemian

This is a Pilsner Larger and unlike all the Irish IPAs, DIPAs and Stouts on the market with their full on flavours, Barefoot Bohemian is more approachable.

This is a perfect brew for people just starting off in the world of Irish Craft beer.

The lads at Eight Degrees Brewing kept this Pilsner Lager Czech style. It has soft hop bitter flavour with a little bit of spice coming in there as well.

A bottle of Barefoot Bohemian will set you back about €2. It comes in a 330ml bottle and is 4% abv.

Enjoy, Sláinte


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