Love Coffee? then You’ll Love the AeroPress

Love a Smooth, Rich Cup of Coffee? … then You’ll Love the AeroPress

Anyone who knows me knows I love my coffee … so when the opportunity arose for me to get my hands on an AeroPress which has been rated as the ‘Best Coffee Maker‘ by user reviews, I eagerly grabbed it with one hand – an empty coffee cup was in the other.

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Love a Smooth, Richest Cup of Coffee, then You'll Love the Aeropress

For someone who has most of the coffee gadgets a coffee lover should own including a Dual Coffee/Espresso Machine and French Press, this little gadget had a lot to live up to with its promise of the smoothest, richest and purest cup of coffee around.

I’ve tried and tested my AeroPress over the past few months and each time I’ve used it, I have not been disappointed, so it is about time I shared my views on why this little beaut should find a home in your home … so here it goes …

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Love Coffee? then You’ll Love the AeroPress

  1. The Coffee tastes great – smooth, rich and pure (they were right!)
  2. It takes about 60 seconds or less to make a great coffee using it.
  3. It’s really really really easy to use.
  4. It’s very good value.
  5. All you need is a cup, hot water and coffee (and a little filter paper – they come with it)
  6. Brew time is 20-40 seconds which means less acidity and little to no bitterness.
  7. Each scoop of coffee makes an espresso, add more hot water for an 5 ounce Americano or hot milk for a latte.
  8. You can make from one to four cups per pressing.
  9. You can make a carafe of coffee – two 3-scoop or 4-scoop pressings topped up with water will do it.
  10. One scoop of coffee makes one cup – fill the water to number ‘1’, for two cups use two scoops and fill to ‘2’ and so on.
  11. You don’t need to plug it in nor does it take batteries.
  12. There’s no mess involved in making a satisfying cuppa.
  13. There is little waste involved – 2000 filters is equal to one newspaper.
  14. On that note you can reuse a filter more than once by brushing off the spent coffee and rinsing it under running water.
  15. It’s so easy to remove the spent coffee to the waste bin or compost bin.
  16. There is little washing up afterwards.
  17. It takes up very little room in your kitchen or wherever you might need to store it.
  18. On that point, it can be taken anywhere – the office, a picnic, camping … wherever!
  19. It’s perfect if you are lacking time but fancy a proper cup of coffee in the morning, at lunchtime or after dinner.
  20. It’s ideal if you’re the only coffee drinker in your home.
  21. It’s perfect for pregnant women who limit themselves to one good cup of coffee a day (speaking from experience).
  22. It’s great for those who love an espresso in the evening after their meal.
  23. For those who like something a little stronger after their evening meal – just add whiskey, brown sugar and cream and make it an Irish Coffee! (not speaking from experience but I will be).
  24. It makes a great gift – even to yourself!

How it works: Simply place the AeroPress on top of a mug and gently combine hot (not boiling) water and ground coffee together for 20 seconds. Place the plunger on top and slowly push down allowing the air pressure to push the coffee through a micro-filter.
The result: Delicious coffee! There is little mess created as the spent coffee can be ejected in a single satisfying pop, straight into the bin. Play with different grinds, brew times and water temperatures to discover the latest coffee renaissance.’ AeroPress

Here is my experience in photo’s – I decided to make an Americano in one of my favourite large mugs …

Love Coffee? then You’ll Love the AeroPress Tips:

  • You can rinse the filter in the filter paper while in the cap to take away any ‘paper taste’
  • The Aeropress comes with a funnel – here’s what it’s used for ‘The funnel is designed to help you transfer ground coffee into the top of the AeroPress. It can also be used on the bottom of the AeroPress to press coffee into narrow-mouthed mugs and other vessels’. (AeroPress)
  • Not happy with the original AeroPress colour then you can get one in eye-catching dark smoke and gold!

Still not convinced? Have a look at Lukas Zahradnik , the 2015 World AeroPress Champion in this video …

AeroPress – Website

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