My Meat Wagon, Smithfield Market Square, Dublin 7

My Meat Wagon

My Meat Wagon, Smithfield Market Square, Dublin 7

My Meat Wagon has been open for business since early July 2014 so for some of you reading this review it may not be new news that Smithfield in Dublin 7 got itself its own taste of American style BBQ. Set up and run by two childhood friends Donal and Cian, who set out across the good ol U S of A in the summer of 2013 to do some finger lickin research before they ventured forth, back to Irish soil to bring home all they learnt, My Meat Wagon is a very welcome addition to the foodie scene, particularly for those who love BBQ and meat. (that was a long sentence wasn’t it?)

The two lads even recorded some of what they experienced when they road-tripped down American highways – which you can check out here if you so wish …

It was freezing outside when we visited around Christmas time but the glow of what lay behind the large windows invited us inside to what could be an indoor Food Truck stop. The decor is brilliant as far as I’m concerned. Wooden seats and wooden tables, galvanised walls, lots of framed photo’s and pictures of cows and stuff like that, potato sacks, bags of spuds, plastic cows, logs, jam jars and blackboards. Sure slap my thigh and call me Charlie, I thought I was in the good ol’ U S of A … well no I didn’t but it was fun all the same. 

We sat facing the kitchen which is cleverly designed to look like a Food Truck and you can witness the chefs cooking up a storm inside. Outside there was a really good lively feel about the place. The waiting staff were friendly but not annoyingly so. The waitress assigned to our table sat down beside us to explain how the menu worked, we could easily have worked out how it all worked but it was nice ‘to be sure to be sure’. 

The menu is simple but effective – first you choose whether you want Meat in a Box, Meat in Bread or Meat on a Board. Then you choose your meat – Cow, Pig, Bird or a Mix. Next step is to choose your side, which ranges from Slaw (that’s coldslaw folks), Mash or Fries to Sausage, Beans or Corn. Finally you choose your beverage, either of the alcoholic nature or not – they’ve a grand selection of Wines, a fine selection of Beers and tasty selection of Homemade Lemonades.

So what did we go for?

We both went for a mix of Meat in a Box which consisted of BBQ Chicken, Pulled Pork and Slices of Beef Brisket. We decided to order different sides so that we could try a little taste of most of what was on the menu, these included the sausage, fries, slaw and mash. They are not lying when they tell you it’s in a box because that’s exactly how it is served. Think that might be tricky. It isn’t. To wash my meal down I ordered a Mixed Berry Lemonade which of course was presented in a glass jar … how else could you serve it in a joint like this?

What did we think of our meals and My Meat Wagon?

We thoroughly enjoyed them. The meat was tasty and succulent. The aforementioned sides complemented the meat. My lemonade was moreish. I’d recommend My Meat Wagon. There’s a great feel to the place. The prices are competitive and won’t break the bank with Meals ranging from €11.95 – €17.95. You shouldn’t leave hungry. We’re looking forward to returning. Next time we’ll go for the Meat on a Board and wash it all down with a beer or three. There’s also a dining and BBQ area outside which comes alive during the brighter, warmer Irish months.

For more information on My Meat Wagon visit their website here. Opening hours are 1.00pm-10.30pm … you could even grab a Meat in a Box and take it away on your lunch!

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