Om Diva and Atelier 27

Om Diva & Atelier 27 – Drury Street, Dublin 2

Om Diva & Atelier 27 are practically an Institution in the Creative Quarter, Dublin. I’ve mentioned them more than once in The Life of Stuff like last year when they played a big part in the Dublin Fashion Festival which you can check out here and then in my Five Fabulous Reasons to Shop in Dublin City post

Om Diva

They like to get stuck in on the action of bigging up Dublin’s, no actually, Ireland’s fashionable folk. This year they are working on surpassing the expectations that go with being awarded a Purple Flag. What’s that you may ask! Well, it’s pretty much like the Blue Flags that are awarded to beaches except that the Purple Flag is awarded to city regions for excellence in appeal from 5pm to 5am … want to know more?

The Creative Quarter were one of the first places in Ireland to be awarded one … which is a pretty big deal. Want the complete lowdown then you can click here to be brought to Dublin City Bids website.

So what have Om Diva been working on to surpass expectations … well how about their Night Market? They tested the waters a little while back and this evening I popped by to dip my toes in.

At first sight the street looked prettier and even more alive as a mini gazebo displaying vintage clothing, bags and quirky jewellery greeted me outside of the Om Diva Boutique. I was then greeted by the gorgeous gals from Om Diva with a smiling hello and offered a beer while I browsed. Talk about selling me the concept … ha! Anyhoo I had a nose around and ventured into the store as I have done so on many an occasion and was greeted by lots of pretty sale signs offering 20% discounts … nice. Beer and bargains … madame you are surely spoiling us!

Om Diva is divided among three floors. On the ground level you will find a mixture of designs bought in from a mixture of design houses from around the world. These include dresses and skirts, tops and scarves and a hefty selection of quirky jewellery and bags. Downstairs takes you to the Vintage Basement where you will find all things vintage from dresses and skirts, tops and jackets to bags and shoes.

On the first floor is Atelier 27, where you will find some of latest designs by some of the best and up and coming Irish and Ireland based Designers around. Designers like Kayleigh Forsyth, De Loup  – who I mentioned in my Tamp & Stitch post hereAliquoBeatriz Palacios and Heather Finn – who I mentioned in my Loft Market post here, Deerobyn, Ciara Murphy, Dolly Delinquent, Julia Bertule and Emer Vandal have their own space to display their fabulous designs … beautiful. Not bothered by jewellery and clothing, that’s a silly statement but one I’ll leave in for effect – you can also delight in the artistic work of Morganna Murphy, Adelle Hickey and Carol Mahon which adorn the walls and shelves.

For more information on Om Diva and to keep up to date with all the goings on you can connect with them on Facebook here.

The Ground Floor

Om Diva Ground Floor

The Vintage Basement

Om Diva Vintage Basement

Atelier 27

Om Diva Atelier 27 Floor

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