Parenting News – Ziaja Med Atopic Dermatitis


Parenting News - Ziajamed Atopic Dermatitis

A while back I got my blogging hands on Ziaja Med’s New Atopic Dermatitis Body Lotion 400ml and Bath & Shower Oil 270ml (there is also a Face Cream 50ml available) … and as with everything that is featured on The Life of Stuff, these featured products were tried and tested … If it’s not worth reading about, you won’t find it here on the blog.

The Ziaja Med Atopic Dermatitis product range are recommended for babies (3 months and older), children and adults and as I don’t suffer with atopic dermatitis and my beautiful three-year old niece does, I did what any good Aunty would do, I gave them to her mother (my sister), but before I tell you her findings here’s what you should know about atopic dermatitis (AD) …

AD is the most common type of eczema, a disorder of the skin which tends to run in families and can be set off by stress, sweating, allergens and often linked to asthma and hay fever. 

AD affects people of all ages but is most commonly seen in early childhood.  1*In Ireland, it is estimated that possibly one in five children under the age of six and one in twelve adults have eczema.  Typical symptoms of AD include dry, cracked and inflamed skin along with itching and redness on elbows, knees, hands and face.    AD can’t be cured but can be managed and treated with a diligent moisturising routine (emollient therapy) that keeps skin hydrated to maintain a healthy skin barrier. (Ziaja Med)

My niece was suffering a ‘flare-up’ when I gave her mum the Atopic Dermatitis Body Lotion and Bath & Shower Oil to try on her. My sister had been advised that it is very common for children to suffer flare-ups as it comes into the summer months. My niece’s problem areas are the folds in her arms and behind her knees … so with warmer weather you can imagine why these are trouble spots. The bath and shower oil was used on my niece when bathing or showering and the lotion was applied to her problem areas every day. 

Her findings: She was very impressed with the results. There is no cure for atopic dermatitis but at one point she actually thought she had found one in Ziaja Med as the problem area behind one knee had soothed so much it actually went away for a while. It has kept the flare-ups at bay and my niece hasn’t suffered any itching since using it. The size of the bottles are also impressive because if you are using the products everyday the last thing you want is a small tube or pot. Effective ingredients, realistic packaging sizes and affordable prices give Ziaja Atopic Dermatitis a big thumbs up! 

Parenting News - Ziaja Med Atopic Dermatitis

 Now for all the other important stuff you should know about Ziaja Med Atopic Dermatitis …

ziaja med atopic dermatitis products contain a special ceramide complex that imitates the natural composition of the skin barrier to effectively hydrate skin and rebuild the natural skin barrier.   AD prone skin has been shown not to produce as many ceramides (naturally occurring lipids essential to healthy skin barrier function) as healthy skin and is therefore less able to retain moisture due to a weakened skin barrier. 

The benefits of ziaja med atopic dermatitis treatment include:

  • treats the symptoms of AD quickly and effectively to reduce the number of flare ups;
  • intensely moisturises, softens and reduces roughness of skin;
  • reduces excessive itching, burning and redness;
  • regenerates the natural hydrolipidic barrier of the skin;
  • builds up the skin’s natural bacterial flora to improve skin’s own defence against irritants;
  • contains only the essential active ingredients in a neutral base formula;
  • all products are pH balanced, hypoallergenic, odourless and dermatologically tested;

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: ceramide complex (ceramides 1, 3, 6II, phytosphingosine and cholesterol), a skin-identical lipid composition which restores the protective barrier function of the skin and delivers enhanced moisturisation to restores a healthy skin barrier. Other key ingredients include allantoin and vitamin E to soothe irritations and redness, corn syrup to effectively reduce itchiness, urea, a fast acting and highly effective hydrating ingredient and fatty acid triglycerides which are lubricating and softening moisturisers. 

All products are dermatologically and allergologically tested to ensure they relieve the symptoms of itching and inflammation, restore hydration and regenerate the natural skin barrier. 

Parenting News - Ziaja Med Atopic Dermatitis

ziajamed atopic dermatitis lubricating body lotion (400ml) rrp €8.49

Intensely hydrates the skin and prevents moisture loss. Formulated with a special ceramide complex clinically proven to restore the natural hydrolipidic barrier. The gentle formula instantly soothes skin irritation, reduces burning sensation and redness and delivers long-lasting itch relief.   Containing only the necessary active ingredients in a neutral base, the gentle fragrance-free formula is great for applying on very young children’s skin as it won’t sting sensitive, chapped and irritated skin.

ziajamed atopic dermatitis lubricating bath & shower oil (270ml) rrp €9.99

Gently cleanses very dry, eczema-prone skin while protecting against moisture loss and increasing skin hydration.  For everyday mild cleaning of face and body this advanced lubricating bath oil also reduces itching, redness, roughness and excessive flaking. Containing only the essential active ingredients in a neutral base, the cleansing oil is suitable for babies and children and is completely free from parabens, SLES, mineral oils, soap and colourants.   

ziajamed atopic dermatitis soothing moisturising face cream (50ml) rrp €7.99

Soothes irritated skin, softens dry skin and relieves excessive itching.  Builds up the skin’s natural bacterial flora to help skin become healthier and less likely to react to irritants. Formulated with essential ceramides to infuse lasting moisture stimulating regeneration of the natural hydrolipidic barrier. Contains only the essential components of the formula. Fragrance and parabens free.


ABOUT ZIAJA MED A specialised line of dermo cosmetics that extends the ziaja brand into a dedicated dermatological skincare offering tailored to the needs of specific skin disorders including atopic dermatitis, acne, allergic and hyper sensitive skin, premature skin ageing, pigmentation and rosacea. All ZIAJA MED products contain the synergistic combination of active ingredients selected because of their high efficacy and good tolerance by the skin. All ZIAJA MED products are subjected to rigorous laboratory testing that ensure their safety and effectiveness. All ZIAJA MED products are hypoallergenic, odourless and dermatologically tested under the supervision of specialists. All ZIAJA MED products provide long-term preventive activity. (Ziaja Med)



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