Pregnancy Massage at Zenergy, Fade Street, Dublin 2

My Zenergy Pregnancy Massage Experience

Pregnancy Massage at Zenergy, Fade Street, Dublin 2

I’ve blogged about Zenergy Health & Beauty Clinic on more than one occasion here on The Life of Stuff, once when I gave you a review on my Dermalogica Facial, which if you missed you can read here – it’s packed full on info about the facial and Zenergy itself. The other time was when Zenergy and The Life of Stuff brought you a whopper of a competition to win a Heavenly Hour Package … well some months back I experienced my own heavenly hour in the shape of a Pregnancy Massage and like divine intervention the timing was perfect and I was transported to another world full of pure relaxation. Believe me, a specialised massage from Zenergy is your best friend when you are pregnant.

Taken from Zenergy’s website they say that a …

Pregnancy massage shares many of the same goals associated with regular massage such as improved circulation, loosen tensed muscles and just to relax. However, it also has additional health benefits for mother and baby including: reducing stress, relief from muscle cramps, increase in blood and lymph circulation, and eases labour pain. (

… and I couldn’t put it better myself having experienced it … not too sure about easing labour pain but then again thankfully I wasn’t in labour when I went along. 

When you enter Zenergy you are greeted at the counter in the waiting area. It’s bright and airy and on both occasions I visited I had pre-booked and had to wait only a matter of minutes before my Therapist came to fetch me.  As with most therapies whether you are pregnant or not you are asked a number of questions regarding your health but it’s nothing intrusive.

My Pregnancy Massage Therapist was Ann. She was a lovely woman, very down to earth and I mean that in the spiritual way too as I suppose it helps to exude calm when it’s your job to deliver it. I was taken upstairs to one of the therapy rooms. Like my last visit the room was dimly lit by candle light, there was a light fragrance and the music that was playing sounded like it was playing in the distance. Peaceful.

Pregnancy Massage at Zenergy, Fade Street, Dublin 2

Ann’s instructions were to get undressed and get under the covers of the massage bed as she stepped outside to give me some privacy. I did just that using the shelving area to place my jewellery and phone and using the hooks for my clothes at the back of the door. After that I got under the covers. The bed was heated. Yes the bed was heated. Bliss.

Pregnancy Massage at Zenergy, Fade Street, Dublin 2

When Ann returned she told me what she was going to do and the massage began. She used a number of different massage techniques but as a certified massage therapist each one was specific to my body and my baby within. They say that you can benefit from masssage throughout the whole of your pregnancy and as I lay there I could understand why. It was so relaxing. I had doubts about which way I would be asked to position myself but Ann knew what she was doing and with each move I was instructed to make, I felt myself sink further into that ‘other world’ I mentioned earlier. I was blessed to have a ‘good’ pregnancy but good or not I still suffered from the usual aches and my hips were in agony when it came to sleeping during the later part of my pregnancy. Lying on the massage bed at Zenergy after the massage I had just experienced in a lovely fuzzy mush I could have slept peacefully for hours.

Pregnancy Massage at Zenergy, Fade Street, Dublin 2

Zenergy state that …

This treatment is a perfect gift for a loved one, or the ideal way to pamper yourself. (

… and I’m glad they added the last part in because I would advise you not to wait on that gift and go pamper yourself, it’s worth every cent. The massage lasts 55 minutes and if you feel like relaxing a little after your massage you can head downstairs to Zenergy’s second waiting area that is dimly lit and very comfortable. The normal cost of a Pregnancy Massage is €75 but Zenergy are always offering the best deals, like their ‘First Time Client’ offer, so keep an eye on their website at, connect with them on Facebook and/or Twitter or just give them a buzz and they’ll advise the best package for you. Zenergy opens till late Monday through to Friday and also opens on Saturdays and Sundays so you really have no excuse not to look after yourself.

From one (first time) Mom to another Mom to be … A Pregnancy Massage at Zenergy Health & Beauty Clinic is a total recommendation … 

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