Sleeping Tips for Sleeping Comfortably This Summer

Sleeping Tips This Summer

Sleeping comfortably during summer can be very difficult for people, especially when it comes with blistering heat some nights. Whether you’re not prepared for it when it comes to the kind of bedding you’re sleeping in or you’ve completely forgotten to buy a fan, it’s best to be fully prepared for the unexpected.

Sleeping Tips for Sleeping Comfortably This Summer

If you’re not prepared for the blistering heat then it can have some negative effects on your daily life such as fatigue, illness or long periods of missed work time.

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1 – Dealing With The Temperature

Sometimes it’s impossible to get away from the high temperatures of summer so you have to deal with it in the best way you can. Whether this be by changing your sleeping habits or changing the room that you’re in, in some extreme cases, using another room all together.

Sleeping Tips for Sleeping Comfortably This Summer

Some good ways of dealing with the high temperature if you’re having trouble sleeping would be to either dress down to the bare minimum in bed-wear or wear completely nothing to avoid sweating under several layers. Although this may sound simple, some people don’t immediately think of doing this. Also, if it’s time for a new mattress, you may want to consider a mattress that is better for hot sleepers.

A good idea would be to have a lukewarm shower before you go to bed to allow for your body to adjust to the temperature. Try to avoid a common mistake by having an ice-cold shower just before bed to compensate as this will only worsen your sleep. As your body will adjust your temperature while in bed to compensate for the cold shower you’ve just had. Try to keep the shower at room temperature, just above the ice-cold level.

2 – Room Adjustments

Changing parts of the room you’re sleeping in can help immensely as the room is most likely contributing to the heat.

Sleeping Tips for Sleeping Comfortably This Summer

Try to avoid opening the blinds and the windows (especially if it’s hotter outside than inside) in the room you’ll be sleeping in throughout the day. This is to avoid the room warming up so that when it comes to nighttime and you’re ready to sleep, the room isn’t warm and stuffy. Keep your blinds closed to keep it relatively cool and close all windows.  If you don’t have any window treatment, consider investing in some roller blinds as they are the best way to block out the sun.

A good idea if your house accommodates it, is to open up the hatch to your loft to allow the heat to escape there. As we all know, heat rises, so if you’re in the highest room in the house, it’ll also be the hottest. This is why you’ll often see people escaping to their living room to sleep on the sofa to cool down. Obviously not a long-term fix, especially since the heat can last weeks or months in some places.

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3 – Items That Can Help

A simple purchase that everyone can look for, and most likely everyone has is a room fan that’ll cool down the temperature. In extreme circumstances, you can have an ice box filled with ice next to it, so that when it blows past, a fine cooling mist is spread across the room to cool you down.

Sleeping Tips for Sleeping Comfortably This Summer

Using a spray bottle as well can have the same effect but requires you to get up and use the bottle every now and then, disrupting your sleep just as much.

Filling a hot water bottle with water and freezing it during the day can be a handy ice-pack come bedtime, cooling down the overall temperature of the bed while you sleep.

Some of these tips are obviously fit for certain temperatures but hopefully using just a few of these they’ll help you get a good night’s rest when the heat is against you.

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