Story Time for Kids – Celtic Myths from Family Time Fables

Celtic Myths from Family Time Fables

tory Time - Celtic Myths from Family Time Fables

It’s never to early or too late to start reading to the little one or ones in your life. Although Smith is only 16 weeks old, Patrick and I have been reading to him since he was born. Okay, he most likely does not understand what we are saying, and if memory serves me right it is only in the past month or so that he has really shown interest in the colourful images as we turn each page but there you have it … he is interested and this interest is only going to grow and grow.

Why is reading good for my baby?

Reading to your baby helps build vocabulary, stimulates imagination, and improves communication skills. The more you speak to your child from the get-go, the better it is for her growth and development.

A running commentary on the state of the neighborhood during a walk or naming your child’s body parts as you bathe her are good ways to talk to her. Reading is another way to increase the verbal interactions you have with your child.

Reading to your baby introduces her to the concepts of stories, numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, and gives her information about the world around her. It also builds memory and vocabulary skills. By the time she’s a year old, your baby has already learned all the sounds she needs to speak her native language. The more words she hears, the better she’ll be able to talk. (

‘Family Time Fables Bring Children and Parents Together With Celtic Mythology’

tory Time - Celtic Myths from Family Time Fables

Family Time Fables are a collection of story and colouring books presenting the Celtic Myths of Cu ChulainnThe Salmon of Knowledge, and Fionn and the Dragon in a modern, fun format designed to bring children and parents together through reading. Using bright colours and clear text, these …. tales of heroes, warriors and a little bit of magic continue to fascinate and entertain generation after generation of children and adults alike.’

When the opportunity arose to get my hands on the present collection of story books from Family Time Fables, I welcomed it. Now Patrick and I would not only be able to introduce our little fella to new words and images but also to a whole new world of old Irish fables and Celtic Mythology … stories that were deep in the crevices of our minds from our own youth. 

The books are the creations of Irish man Wayne Kearns, who originally produced the books for his niece and nephews alone. However with the growing interest from family and friends, Wayne decided to grab the bull by the horns and produce the books for a wider audience and now has them available to buy from and Amazon … and I’m glad he did!

tory Time - Celtic Myths from Family Time Fables

We love the books. The pictures are bright, colourful and clearly describe what’s going on in the story page by page. They also leave lots of scope to allow you describe them in your own words. When it comes to the words and language used in the books … Wayne has again kept the stories simple but not overly so, which means that even though we are reading these books to Smith now as an infant, they will be more than suitable for him as he grows and starts to learn how to read himself. The little touches of adding the Irish translations for example the ‘famous Salmon of Knowledge or “Bradán an Eolais”‘ are great and helped jog Patrick and my own Irish vocabulary. 

I’m recommending Cu Chulainn, The Salmon of Knowledge, and Fionn and the Dragon for the little people in your lives and with colouring books available for each story, I can imagine the fun children have colouring in the characters using their own imagination.

Wayne is currently working on the next book in the series of Celtic tales, and plans to adapt fables from other countries as part of the same series … I look forward to following him on his own adventure. 

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