Theatre Upstairs – Out of Print

Gumption Theatre Company presents Out of Print

Theatre Upstairs - Out of Print

Lunchtime today for me was a lunchtime well spent. It always is when I visit Theatre Upstairs for a live theatre treat. The complimentary lunch (free) of a bowl of soup, homemade brown bread and iced water doesn’t go astray either mind you … and for €10.00 a ticket, I doubt you’d get more for your buck anywhere in Ireland not alone Dublin. (Tip: If you are availing of lunch arrive 10-15 minutes before 1pm)

Today the Theatre action was just that, full of action and it came in the guise of the Gumption Theatre Company‘s ‘Out of Print‘ story telling play. Written and devised by the Company, the story tells of Colin, a young lad who has returned to the home he once shared with his recently deceased mother to try to understand a little more about her and what went on inside her thoughts and mind. The house is empty bar her stories, bar her writing, bar his memories of her and as he flicks through the pages of her musings, in a search to find some home truths, her stories become alive in his thoughts and right before our eyes.

Out of Print - Theatre Upstairs

Colin the son played by Stephen O’Leary acts as the host throughout the play, introducing us to his mothers stories and the different characters that once filled her mind. I found him warm and believable. His mother Vivian, played by India Mullen had the right amount of motherly characteristics but also portrayed a childish eccentricity and easily tap-danced her way into our thoughts. Our story deliverers, delivered. Not only because they wrote their own work but because their passion was evident. I nearly swear I saw tears in the eyes of Liam, played by Barry O’Connell. Penny, played by Dave Rowe brought some boyish charm and humour. Olivia, played by Marnie McCleane-Fay had me warming to her innocence and her vocal talent. Sive, played by Eilís Carey would in fact make an intense ‘Carrie’. Brad play by Elijah Rowen charmed me into wondering had he actually written a piece or winged it with his ego. Poppy played by Ciara Harte lyrically swept me away with her emotion. If these eight actors and writers are what Ireland has to offer us in this day and age, we are in for a bright, entertaining and wonderfully theatrical future. I feel proud for them and happy for myself.

COMPANY: Eilís Carey, Clara Harte, Marnie Mccleane-Fay, India Mullen, Barry O’Connell, Stephen O’ Leary, Dave Rowe, Elijah Rowen

PRODUCERS: Thomas Beatty, Lousie O’Meara, Shane O’Regan


Into its second week, Out of Print will be performed until Saturday September 6th so get it while its hot before it is actually ‘out of print’

Tuesday to Saturday at 1pm

Thursday to Saturday at 7pm

For more information and bookings, visit the Theatre Upstairs website

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